A snack-attack can occur at any time. I’ve dealt with untimely hunger pangs for years now and sadly – I always give in. In the name of snacking, I’ve gorged on packets after packets of chips, cookies loaded with chocolate chips and ice-cream (oh, so much ice-cream)! Sometimes, my snacks contain more calories than my actual meals do. So, after putting a lot of thought into it, I’ve created a list of swaps that all of us dealing with ‘snacking-disorders’ need to make.

Switch#1: Chips to Dry Fruits


The amount of calories in a single packet of chips alone should make you shudder. The sodium and sugar is a whole other story. Next time you’re craving a packet of fried potatoes with excessive salt, reach for the dry fruit box instead. They’ll give you whole lot of fibre, unsaturated fats, and vitamins. Let’s face it, they’re delicious too!

Switch#2: Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate

Chocolate 2

Dark chocolate will give you the same satisfaction as your usual milk chocolate does with half the sugar content. It has antioxidants in abundance and is good for the heart too. Just a tip, it’ll do you a world of good if you dial down on the quantity and eat 2 blocks instead of a whole bar.

Switch#3: Lattes/Shakes to Green Tea

green tea

It’s going to be a tough transition from all the sinful chocolate and whipped cream to a cup of green water. The antioxidants and stomach-fat-cutting properties of green tea will make it worth it.

If the bitter taste is making you want to quit drinking it, just remember that it’s an acquired taste. You’ll get used to it. I did.

Switch#3: Ice Cream to Frozen Yoghurt

ice cream

I know it’s unimaginable to replace ice-cream (I mean, how is it even legal to replace ICE-CREAM?). But come to think of it, it’s not so tough. With frozen yoghurt, you’re still getting a chilled treat in fruity flavours. Adding fresh fruit to it makes it super healthy and yummy too.

Switch#4: Packaged Cookies to Multigrain Biscuits


Multigrain biscuits have loads of fibre which can contribute to quicker weight loss. They are also low on sugar and won’t bloat you up like those choco-chip cookies. They’re quite filling and won’t have you craving food before meal time. It’s a sweet deal.

Switch#5: Aerated Beverages to Water


Again, the amount of sugar is scary. They contribute to high blood sugar and can cause diabetes. Stay away from this silent killer of a disease and just drink a glass of water. If satisfying the sweet tooth is your concern, you can use fruit infused water bottles which will give you yummy fruit infused water on the go.

These little switches will go a long way in helping you stay fit while not letting you feel deprived of snacks. Go ahead and indulge to your heart’s content!

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