We all love eating pizzas and the first restaurant that comes to mind when we hear pizza is Pizza Hut! Pizza Hut offers good quality pizzas but they have also been indulged in some weird but yummy pizza combinations which will leave you drooling all over! So keep your Pizza Hut coupons handy and read about some of these toppings:

Out of the Box Pizza Toppings by Pizza Hut

Cheeseburger Crust Pizza

While ordering food, choosing between a cheeseburger and a pizza can be quite a task! But Pizza Hut UK combined two of our favourite takeout items, by introducing the Cheeseburger Crust Pizza and everyone loved it! You can throw in some ketchup, mustard or hot sauce depending on your choice and get the best of both worlds in a single package!

Mac and Cheese Pizza

Honestly who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? So Pizza Hut Germany did this insane crossover and created a Mac and Cheese Pizza which is full of carbs so that you feel full in no time! All this pizza needs is some bacon and hot sauce and you’ll be full enough to go through the day without feeling hungry. 

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Meat Pie Pizza

When you think about round food items that make your hunger go away then only two things come into mind: pizza and pie. Pizza Hut Australia fused these and introduced the delicious Meat Pie Pizza which is loaded with carbs and proteins which makes it a perfect choice to beat the hunger pangs.

Cornflakes Crust Pizza

Have you ever thought about eating pizza for breakfast? You don’t need to wonder anymore as Pizza Hut Kuwait has got your wish fulfilled with their Cornflakes Crust Pizza. The idea of having cornflakes on the crust might sound insane but everybody loves a crunchy pizza base which gives us another reason to try out this unique combo.

Cookie Pizza

While creating this pizza, Pizza Hut used a different approach and used three unique components: crust, cheese and sauce. If you think that this pizza is a huge cookie then you’re right cause that’s what it is!

So make use of the countless Pizza Hut offers to order your favourite pizzas and curb the sudden hunger pangs you got while reading about these yummy toppings! Don’t forget to use the Pizza Hut coupons listed on CashKaro to earn cashback on every order!

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