While we’re living in a world where women don’t feel safe even in their own neighborhoods, let alone their own cities, Titan has always been a brand for women empowerment. From their advertisement starring Katrina Kaif explaining when and why a woman should get married, to an enlightened woman stepping into motherhood, the brand has always stood for women. One brand from Titan, is the ever popular Sonata. With the low Sonata watches price along with the classic band and dial designs, the brand has always remained in vogue.  But, Sonata really took the metaphorical cake when they launched a watch called ACT – App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker.

Sonata Act Review- Best Safety Watch for Women

  • What is ACT?

As mentioned above, ACT an App Enabled Coordinates Tracker, a unique safety watch that sends instant distress alerts by interfacing with the user’s mobile phone. Complementary to the brilliant watch, is the mobile app which can be downloaded for free to the user’s phone. The user can add upto 10 contacts to their Sonata Act App and when she presses the alert button, placed adjacent to 8 pm, the app will send an alert along with her location too all 10 contacts.


It’s a simple and ingenious idea to make the woman of today feel safer and more confident as she treads forward in life. Through this new offering, Tata has enabled women to take their safety into their own hands (wrists, to be precise).

  • The Idea Behind ACT

In an official statement, S Ravi Kant, CEO, Watches and Accessories Division, Titan Company, said, “The Indian woman continues to evolve with the changing times. As she faces new challenges and responsibilities, Sonata is proud to present a unique offering for the new-age Indian women. With Sonata ACT, we are extending our offering to women and girls who are seeking new opportunities and are empowered to chase their dreams.”

He also mentioned that the watch was to create a sense of security in women and through its sale, they are looking to increase safety instead of mere profits.


  • The ACT Ad

After it was launched in December 2016, Titan came out with a heartwarming ad for Sonata Act. The ad features 2 female athletes traveling late at night who are questioned by a couple about feeling unsafe all alone. They explain how they’re always protected and connected through their watch and proceed to explain its wonderful features. You can watch the ad here:

  • Why ACT Right For You?

If you’re a woman who has ever felt even slightly insecure of her surroundings, the watch is for you. Since India was in dire need for such a breakthrough product, the pricing of this watch is kept on the lower side. Sonata ACT is available in the market between Rs 2,749 – Rs 2,999.

The pricing has been set keeping in mind the budgets of women in tier 2 and tier 3 cities along with metros. By making this an affordable offering, Titan has taken a huge step in women empowerment and safety.

If you need any other reason to buy this fine piece of technology, consider that it is also a piece of art. Designed especially for women on the go, Sonata ACT comes in stylish and classy designs that any woman would love to flaunt.


Along with online stores such as TataCliq, Amazon and the Tata eStore, you can also find the watch at offline stores including Central, Pantaloons and Shopper’s Stop.

It’s underwhelming to think that we do require products such as these in our country but seeing that brands care enough about the women in the country makes us nothing less than incredibly proud.

Here’s hoping for times to change but until they don’t, lets keep the Sonata Act handy.

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