Sony Increases Salaries to Reward Tech Talent | CashKaro News Network

New recruits having skills in the field of artificial intelligence hired by Sony will now receive an increased pay by up to 20%. Conventionally, new recruits hired by Sony receive similar entry-level salaries that are upgraded after a year based on the performance.

However, starting in 2019, new hires will receive salary upgrades of up to 20% higher than colleagues. Digressing from Sony’s age-old systems of paying new recruits’ equal salaries regardless of their individual qualifications and in lieu of competition from big players like Google and Apple, it has become imperative for Sony to offer competitive salaries as per their abilities as they enter the job market.

Hence from 2019, a fresher employee will receive about 6 million yen ($ 55,000), while a second-year employee with a pay grade would receive about 6.3 million yen.

Source: Asia.Nikkei


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