Special Almonds Can Make Your Memory Sharper

Almonds are really a wonder nut. This is not just because of its so many health benefits, but because it can directly affect your brain in a positive way. One of its well-known benefits is that it can help sharpen your memory. Is this true? Keep reading to find you!

Interesting Facts About Almond

  • Almond is known as brain food and not without reason. Almonds are a source of lean proteins. Proteins not only are energy providers and building blocks for muscle, they also repair brain cells which help to improve cognitive functions and even memory.
  • Vitamin E in almonds slows down aging of brain cells. This directly affects memory in a positive way. Vitamin B6 also helps to achieve better brain health.

So yes! The age old claim about almonds was right indeed; almonds affect your memory and can help you sharpen your cognitive skills.

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