Stand-Up Comedians You Should Follow on Social Media

With our current pace of life, where everything is a chaos, we have forgotten to laugh. We no more observe the unobserved, we no more enjoy the little things. But there are some people left on this planet who are on a quest to bring back those ‘laughing like a retard seal’ days. Sober is no word in their dictionary. They are talented, super hilarious, witty, sarcastic and brazen.

Here is a list of top stand-up comedians that you should start following now in this crazy KRK-Taher Shah-Poonam Pandey-Rakhi Sawat driven world.

Kanan Gill

The ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ guy is a must follow. The girls drool over his good looks and men envy his witty streak. This software engineer will surely take you on a rollercoaster ride with his funny observations about the world. His latest sketch describes what all goes on in a startup before and after funding. Follow him on facebook and twitter for the daily laughing dose.

Kenny Sebastian

With guitar in one hand and the mic in other, Kenny is the youth’s role model. His observations about the everyday life could leave you in splits. He’s that good! He has performed in more than 1000 shows in a span of four years. Enough said. Check out his website to snoop into his life and upcoming events. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for the regular laughter feeds.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

The other partner in crime of Pretentious Movie Reviews is Biswa Kalyan Rath. His pedantic approach towards things we just feel and never say or mention is the highlight. Biswa is an IITian by degree and knows where to hit the audience. His videos on ‘Fans & Nail Cutters, Banana & Pomegranate, and Bicycles & Bikes’ are a must watch. Check all the new sketches on his Youtube channel, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

Image from Biswa Kalyan Rath Facebook Page

Daniel Fernandes

The 31 years old Daniel is known for Satirical and usually the Dark style of comedy. You might not laugh as much but you’ll surely introspect to whatever he has said the other night. He picks up the current and controversial issues and gives it a funny perspective. Watch out for him on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Daniel Fernandes

Image from Daniel Fernandes Official Facebook Page

Atul Khatri

Businessmen can be funny too. Atul Khatri is the only Indian who has performed at the 8th Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival. He is amongst the top comedian to look out for. His Horny Sindhi touch will make you roll over the floor. Like everyone else, He is on Facebook and Twitter too. Wait no more!


Image from East India Comedy website

Sahil Shah

He is one of the founding members of East India Comedy. Sahil Shah enjoys his own acts. He knows what to speak about when he has got the attention. He has a sack of jokes ready with him always. He’s not shy to pull the audience leg for that matter.

Sorabh Pant

Sorabh is the founder of East India Comedy. According to his website,, his material has been described as “intelligent buffoonery”. His jokes are dig into the Indian Politics, Entertainment World, Women, and what not. A comedian never runs out of ideas to laugh about.

Sorabh Pant

Image from Sorabh Pant Facebook Page

Sapan Verma

He is the Co-Founder of East India Comedy. Sapan Verma has done many shows around the world. His idea of a good joke could be anything. It could be a movie song, traffic signal in India or women. Comedians love to joke about women. Search him on Facebook and Twitter and get started!

Sapan Verma

Image from Sapan Verma Facebook Page

Adeel Ahmed

Adeel Ahmed

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