We’re all going through a time in our lives no one has prepared for. Being stuck inside our homes with next to nothing to do is not very fun. Even stepping out for the grocery haul is more a time of anxiety and fear than it is to relax.

But no one said we can’t be productive inside our houses too. And something that really needs to get done is paying the bills. But, if we can’t go outside, how do the bills get paid? Well, we have Paytm just for that. You can do pretty much everything, sitting at home if you have Paytm.

Here are just some of the bills that you can pay using Paytm.

Mobile Recharge

Whether you have a prepaid plan or a postpaid plan, you can recharge your mobile phone with Paytm. I mean, with everyone stuck inside, the internet is our only escape and you won’t get that unless you top up your pack. So use Paytm Promo Codes from CashKaro, top-up your plan and get cash back!


Imagine that on top of all this, you don’t have electricity either. Don’t forget to pay your electricity bills. Just open the Paytm website or app, fill in your details and pay the money, it doesn’t get much simpler than that. But, it does get better if you use Paytm Offers from CashKaro.

DTH Recharge

For most service providers, you have the option to top it up on Paytm. One of the biggest entertainment has always been watching TV. Don’t miss on that by not paying your bills. It is very simple to choose the plan you want and to recharge your DTH with Paytm. Do it all with one click with Paytm Recharge.

Book a Cylinder

If your provider is either Indane or HP Gas, then you can book your gas cylinders through Paytm. It really gets hectic when the gas runs out at home. Don’t let that happen. Book with Paytm Coupons and get cashback!

Head to CashKaro immediately for the best Paytm Offers and discounts and pay all your bills even during lockdown.

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