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Work wear is an important part of your wardrobe. 5 days a week, 8 hours or more, you are going to be sporting work wear. So it is natural that your work outfit should be comfortable to be in, for the whole day. It is also your style statement because that’s what you are going to be seen in for majority of the week.

Many urban office spaces are quite different from the rigid, old school formal spaces, and allow a variety of semi-formal outfits as work wear. So why not experiment a bit with your work styles!

It’s time to revamp your wardrobe with some peppy office wear from Ajio. Ajio has curated an exclusive collection for the urban working women. Check out the top styles from Ajio’s Step into Work Collection for women:


Shirts are an obvious one on this list and has since ever been a common work wear among women. But now is the time to innovate on it. Ditch your boring, plain shirt and grab the latest trends from Ajio’s collection that has a variety of shirt styles – textured, pleated, tied up, and so on.

Checkout on Ajio: AJIO Pleated Shirt with Spread Collar


While choosing skirts, make sure you don’t go for the flairy ones. Ajio’s formal skirt collection has panelled pencil skirts. Pencil skirts are great as formal wear. A nice ruffled shirt or boxy top will go perfectly with it.

Ajio Offer Product: AJIO Panelled Pencil Skirt with Front Slit


Trousers are one of the best options for work wear. Tapered, crop length trousers paired with a stylish shirt or formal top can be a winner in your formal space. Try experimenting with different styles of trousers from Ajio’s collection.

Checkout on Ajio: AJIO Ankle-Length Tapered Trousers with Fabric Belt


Dresses can be tricky pick as a formal wear. While choosing your dress make sure it’s not too loud or heavily printed. To make the task easier checkout Ajio’s collection where you get to choose from sheath dresses, panelled dresses, shirt dresses and the like, which are suitable as work wear.

Ajio Offer Product: AJIO Grey Checked Sheath Dress with Side Tie-Up

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