Gone are the days when being plump and heavy was the sign of well being. Then came the size zero wave.

But, neither of them is the sign of fitness now in 2020.

We don’t strive for a size, we strive for the fitness from within.

While the fitness is incomplete without core strength, Club Factory offers a wide range of gym fitness equipment that can help you maintain your core strength and keep your pockets equally strengthened by availing Club Factory coupons.

Here are our top picks that you should have at your home.


The most basic form of home workout and a must have equipment when you are building your strength, dumbbell is the equipment that you cannot do without. Club Factory offers dumbbells of all genders and sizes as per your requirements. What is even better is the discounts that you can avail while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and those cuts that you worked hard for.

Ab roller

When people can do it at 60, you have ample time to build the abs to die for and complete your strength building exercise. Now get those packs you desire at the price that your pocket desires by using Club Factory coupons and availing the best deals on strengthening equipment.

Push Up Bar Handles

Who doesn’t love the random challenges during office parties or school parties or college parties or any public gathering for that matter to see who can do the maximum push ups?

To prep you up for such challenges, you can use Club Factory Coupon Code to buy push up bar handles at discounted prices and maintain your overall strength.


Well, strength building is not only about using the equipment that help you build the strength, but also being safe and saving yourself from the wear and tear or general injuries that come with it. So, Club Factory offers various range of breathable gloves that will protect you and strengthen you.

Now that you know about the hand that Club Factory extends by providing all these home gym options, it’s about time for you to stretch the other hand and grab this offer on CashKaro and start building your strength today.

What are you waiting for?

Get, set, go!

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