Do you spend most of your time dreaming up looks that you would love to flaunt? Now, you can make this habit a lucrative one and earn loads of cash. Wannabe stylists, are you taking notes?

Create & Earn

Always having a social edge to its interface, Limeroad introduced the Create & Earn initiative in 2013 which encouraged users to engage with the website while also providing monetary gain. The Scrapbook feature allows users to create their favorite looks and shop similar attire from Limeroad with just a click on the look.


If you pay a visit to the Limeroad homepage, you will find it bustling with scrapbooks from people who love fashion and want their choices to be seen by the world. From celeb inspiration to personal style, the Scrapbook has everything.


Now That You Know The ‘What’ Part, Here’s The ‘How’

Apart from sharing your scrapbook with friends and family, you can showcase the look you create to the entire Limeraod community. Create & Earn is simple – Create a look that you fancy and if it sells, you get LR Credits. You can subsequently use these credits to get major discounts on the website.  According to Limeroad, an active user can earn upto Rs 20,000 per month.gsovu

In the words of Limeroad’s founder Suchi
Mukherjee, “Our vision is to create the most
extensive discovery platform for lifestyle products in India.  We are creating a highly disruptive user-generated content-led commerce model in India, and scrapbook looks are an intrinsic part of this disruption, and this is indeed how our users discover great product.”

What We Love About Limeroad Scrapbooking

#1 We can create an endless number of looks complete with outfits, accessories and shoes.

#2 We can mix, match and let our fashion-frenzied mind work its creative magic.


#3 We can actually shop the looks we create!

 #4 Even if our budget doesn’t allow us to shop that instant, we can save the looks to ogle and admire for months! Virtual window shopping, anyone?

 #5 We can get social and ‘like’ other creations while getting ‘likes’ on out looks as well. Definite ego boost.

 #6 We save time on schlepping our shopping bags through malls and markets. Buying an entire look in one click saves so much time. Plus, the app makes it even simpler.

 #7 Finally, we love the LR Credits because who doesn’t love discounts? (Pssst.. gives extra Cashback on each purchase as well. Visit the Limeroad page now!)

By incentivizing the process of online shopping, Limeroad has increased awareness and engagement for itself. The website is now well on its way to becoming one of the most extensive and engaging online shopping websites in the country.

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