Suffering from PMS? This Potion Can Be A Magical Cure


Masala Chai is made by brewing black tea. There is no set of Masala Chai recipe! Every person adds spices according to their taste. So, your grandmother’s recipe may fill the entire room with sweet ginger aroma. Whereas, your wife may fill your cup with cloves and cardamom. Nevertheless, every cup is as delicious as the next one!

Interesting Facts About Masala Chai

  • Masala tea includes Indian spices and herbs; it originated in India but is now gaining worldwide popularity
  • Masala Chai is most popular in India, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar
  • Spices like ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and cloves are included
  • Due to the spices added in Masala tea, it has over 100 benefits
  • It is one of India’s staple drinks
  • Masala chai is said to be eco- friendly, as it uses very little water
  • Masala Tea can even be served as a cold beverage
  • Before 2017, there was a committee in the parliament that wanted to make Masala Tea the national drink of India!
  • Masala tea is the right drink to fight PMS blues

Masala chai serves as a necessity to most Indians. It makes you wake up fresh, fights ailments like a cough and cold and gives you the energy to do life’s monotonous tasks with as much zeal!

Where To Buy Masala Chai?

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