Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plans Online 2020: D2H Packs, Offers & More


Sun Direct is one of the best DTH service providers in India with one of the fastest growing Digital TV networks. It offers comprehensive and entertaining DTH packs with more than 200 digital channels. The company is a joint venture between the Maran’s Sun Network family and the Astro Group of Malaysia. Here’s check out the new Sun Direct DTH monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual packs. Also, Sun Direct recharge offers are available.

Sun DTH Recharge Plans List 2019: Updated Plans, No. of Channels & Price

Sun DTH Recharge Plan Sun D2H Plan Features Price p/m
Telugu Cinema + Sports 173 Channels ₹259
Value Plus Pack (ROI) 154 Channels ₹300
Malayalam Super Value 181 Channels ₹289
Tamil Cinema + Sports 176 Channels ₹300
Kannada Super Value 178 Channels ₹289
Tamil Super Value 177 Channel ₹289
Telugu Super Value 175 Channels ₹289
Malayalam Cinema + Sports 173 Channels ₹259
Malayalam Cinema + Sports 207 Channels ₹399
Malayalam Cinema+Sports HD 184 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹409
Tamil Cinema+Sports HD 186 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹409
Telugu Super Value HD 193 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹439
Malayalam Super Value HD 190 Channels
+ 90 HD Channels
Kannada Super Value HD 190 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹439
Tamil Super Value HD 192 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹439
Telugu Cinema+Sports HD 187 Channels
40 HD Channels
Value Plus ROI HD 173 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹429
Kannada Cinema+Sports HD 185 Channels + 41 HD Channels ₹409
Mega Pack HD 206 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹529
Kannada World Pack HD 184 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹459
Telugu Value 134 Channels
+ 1 HD Channels
Tamil World Pack HD 185 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹459
Kannada Value 108 Channels ₹209
Tamil Value 110 Channels ₹209
Malayalam Value 147 Channels ₹309
Telugu World Pack 151 Channels ₹309
Tamil World Pack 148 Channels ₹309
Kannada World Pack 147 Channels ₹309
Malayalam World Pack HD 183Channels
+ 40 HD Channels
Telugu World Pack HD 187 Channels + 40 HD Channels ₹459
Kannada Cinema + Sports 131 Channels ₹259
Value Pack ROI 100 Channels ₹260
Tamil Kushi 97 Channels ₹219
Kannada Kushi 98 Channels ₹219
Malayalam Kushi 96 Channels ₹219
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1FAQ’s About Sun Direct DTH Plans

Can SUN Direct DTH be viewed without disconnecting existing cable connection?

Cable connection can be viewed in normal TV mode and DTH channels can be viewed in AV mode by choosing the AV option from the remote of your TV set. DTH channels can be changed using STB remote control.

What should I do if my recharge is not successful for Sun Direct DTH plans?

Well, if you have waited a while and still had no success, then the best course of action is to call the Sun Direct customer support numbers and seek assistance there.

If there is more than one TV set in one house, will all TV sets require separate STBs/Dishes to receive SUN DIRECT DTH?

No need for a separate dish, you can connect to multiple TV sets through Sun Direct DTH service.

Can I add channels to my existing Sun Direct DTH packages?

Yes! It is in fact quite simple to add individual channels to your existing Sun Direct packages. All you have to do is send an SMS with your registered mobile number. You should check out all Sun Direct Channel Numbers, you will need them to add channels individually. You can also check out these channel numbers and frequency of Sun Direct channels if you need it.

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