Phones are our constant companions. Day and night, our lives revolve around them. Sadly we see our phones more than our loved ones these days. So it is only obvious that we take care of our phones and pay a considerable sum to pep it up and protect it as well.

But we don’t want to empty our wallets on them either. Accessories can sometimes be costly. So we are here with a list of accessories that are perfect for your phone but super economic. Here are the top phone accessories available on Amazon under just ₹99:

Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are essential to protect your phone’s screen from scratches or damage due to minor falls. Screen protectors are available in plastic or tempered glass variants and are tough and durable. Get a good quality screen protector from Amazon at unbelievably low prices!

Checkout on Amazon: Generic Tempered Glass Screen Protector (for multiple brands and models)

OTG Micro USB Adapter

Cut the tedious process of transferring data into your computer by directly plugging a pen drive into your mobile using a micro USB adapter. These adapters can be used for pen drives, mouse, keyboard, and selected digital cameras. With astonishing Amazon discounts, get your USB adapter under ₹99.

Top Amazon offer products: Micro OTG Micro USB Adapter

Phone Charger Protectors

Get the cutest cable protectors on Amazon! Charging cables tend to wear off at joints, considerably cutting down its life span. Protect them from fraying using these cable protectors in the shape of cute animals trying to bite the cable. Function and aesthetics done in one go!

Popular on Amazon: certainPL Cable Bite Cute Animal Phone Charger Protector

Fast-charging Cable/ Data Cable

We often misplace our charging cables and end up buying one that simply does not get a charge into your phone. Before you suspect your phone or adapter, know that the cable matters too. Get a fast charging cable to match the charging speed of your adapter and you don’t have to worry anymore!

Amazon offer product: Generic Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Mobile Holders/ Car Dash Mounts

Using your mobile while driving is a strict no-no. But especially while traveling alone, you will need to look up directions or routes now and then. Mobile phones can be mounted on suitable holders on the dashboard, a finger touch away for convenient usage. Get colorful phone holders on Amazon at the cheapest prices! (We would still advice you to even glance at your phones only when you are parked or considerably slowed down.)

Checkout on Amazon: Generic 360 Degree Rotatable Multi-Angle Mobile Holder

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  1. Thanks for sharing amazing information about mobile accessories. This article helps me to choose useful accessories for my new phone. These accessories are also very useful in travel. Nice article!!


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