Is your deodorant safe? Many popular deodorants have parabens, zinc, aluminium and other harmful ingredients that can hurt your skin over time.

Super Smelly (funny name – we agree), is India’s first 100% Toxin Free deodorant. No parabens, zinc, triclosan, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, DEA/TEA and other toxic gunk.

However, at Rs 350 each, it is not cheap. And this is where CashKaro comes to the rescue. With another crazy Cashback deal from CashKaro, you can get this Rs 350 deodorant for just Rs 83.

Unbelievable? CashKaro is India’s No. 1 Cashback site, where you get extra Cashback on top of all discounts at sites like Amazon, Super Smelly, Myntra, Ajio, and 1500 more.

The Cashback deal for Super Smelly is 25% Off Code + Rs 500 Cashback on orders over Rs 600.

Super Smelly Push

So How Can You Get This Deal?

STEP 1: Login

Login to CashKaro (100% Free)

STEP 2: Search and Click to Super Smelly

STEP 3: Now The Magic

Add any 3 deos to your cart and apply the 25% off Instant Code [SAVE25].

  • Instantly save Rs 262.5, so now your Cart value is Rs 787.5
  • Pay via a Pre-Paid mode and save Rs 39.38
  • Pay Rs 748.13

STEP 4: Earn CashKaro Cashback

Within just a few minutes, Rs 500 Cashback will be added to your CashKaro account. Once the return period is over this Cashback will get Confirmed.

STEP 5: Get Paid

Redeem this money to your Bank Account or as Gift Cards

So you paid Rs 748 to Super Smelly and got back exxxtra Rs 500 from CashKaro. So your effective price for 3 deos is just Rs 248.

Each deo costs just Rs 83 each!

In the same way you can earn Cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio & 1500+sites.

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Top Deals on CashKaro

CashKaro Intro

Important Things to Remember While Shopping Via CashKaro:

1. Rewards vs Cashback

When you shop at Amazon or Flipkart via CashKaro, you earn CashKaro Rewards. Rewards are just like Cashback, except that you can redeem them as Amazon/Flipkart Gift vouchers only and not transfer to your bank account.

For all other sites like Myntra, Ajio, etc. you earn CashKaro Cashback, which you can redeem into your Bank Account or as Amazon / Flipkart Gift Cards.

2. Amazon Special Tip

Add products to your Amazon cart only after clicking out from CashKaro, not before. If you add products and then click out from CashKaro, your Rewards will not track.

3. See Cashback / Rewards Rates

For every site, the Cashback or Reward rates are clearly mentioned, so you know exactly how much you will get back.

4. When do you get Paid?

After you shop, your Cashback or Reward will be in Pending Status. Once the return period is over, within 30 days your Cashback will change to Confirmed Status. Now you can withdraw this money (Minimum threshold Rs 250).

5. Shop after your click

Do not visit any other coupon or deal site after clicking out from CashKaro.

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