Superhero Movie Line up of 2016!

Superhero flicks have surely become quite an obsession with today's generation. There has been a tremendous surge in popularity for superhero movie franchises be it The Dark Knight Series, The X Men Series or The Spiderman Series. The upcoming year is all charged up for some mega blockbuster releases all starring your favourite superheroes. It'll surely be a year that will see some unmatched cinematic enigma.

Check out these top superhero movie line ups that are all set to set 2016 on fire:

1. X Men Apocalypse 

The X Men series has been doing rounds for years but seems to get better with each installment. The latest movie will introduce the age old mutant Apocalypse who is believed to have been around since the Ancient Egyptian Era and was considered as God himself while the mutants face an existential crises. The movie trailer already looks quite exciting and the movie will pack adventure and action keeping you glued to your seats.

2. Captain America: Civil War

The idea about a faceoff between Captain America and Iron Man doesn’t just sound brilliant on paper but looks cinematically powerful too. Civil War will be the third movie in the Captain America installment that will pit America’s first Superhero against America’s bratty billionaire Tony Stark aka Iron Man. It is time to choose sides and it surely looks like this movie will be a rollercoaster ride.

3. Deadpool

This is an English comedy movie that has great action sequences. Deadpool is surely one of the most notorious and mischievous character in the Marvel Universe. As a character, we already saw a glimpse of Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine but the thought about Deadpool having his own movie is just as intriguing as it is exciting. The movie has this eccentric anti hero as the titular character who will surely heave havoc when he hits movie screens. Catch Deadpool in action with bookmyshow offers to avail tickets at great prices.

4. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Once again movie makers have taken cinematic imagination to a whole new level by pitting two powerful and iconic characters against each other in a single movie. On the one side is The Man Of Steel- Superman from Krypton and on the other is a self made crusader hell bent on delivering his own system of justice- Batman. What will ensue will surely be a battle worth witnessing on the big screen to do full justice to the Dawn of Justice. Make sure you watch this new English movie!

5. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is Warner Brothers first non Superman movie revolving around DC Comic Characters. The movie brings together high profile anti heroes who take up clandestine and dangerous government missions for commuted sentences in exchange. This English action movie will surely be splattered with shades of grey and is worth a watch for sure.


The year is surely all set to dazzle as far as superhero movies are concerned and it surely seems like eternity before these movies hit the big screen!

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