While it’s okay to have a staple pair of sunglasses, what isn’t okay is the monotony you put yourself through. Sunglasses are one of those accessories which can instantly transform the whole look of your outfit. Think of an all-Black outfit teamed up with a pair of gold mirrored sunglasses! Hello? You just made yourself golden!

Think of sunglasses as more than just a basic accessory. They have the power to make your outfits look more fun and refresh your basic look. The next time you are about to throw on a pair, make sure that they are anything but boring. To make your job easier, we have curated a collection of next-level sunglasses from Koovs to help you amp up your style game. Keep reading to find out about them:

South Beach Retro Sunglasses


Unleash your inner Dabangg side by sporting this pair of uber cute heart shaped sunglasses.

South Beach Round Sunglasses  


Just imagine what a delicious treat it will be to see these mint colored round sunglasses next to a freshly swirled ice-cream in mint flavour. Yum!

Style Fiesta Cat eye Sunglasses  


This style offers a dramatic update on the classic cat eye sunglasses. With an exaggerated frame and mirrored lenses, this is the pair you need to look like a star.

Pataaka Round Frame Sunnies With Camo Accents


For the ultimate fashionable head-to-toe look, team up your favourite clothes with these sunnies that have a camo printed frame.

Koovs Rapper Sunglasses


See the world through different shades with these wayfarer sunglasses that have gradient tinted lenses.

Pataaka Oval Sunglasses


These “unibrow” style sunglasses will inject an instant cool vibe into your outfit.

Koovs Hippy Sunglasses


These will be a perfect match for your sun-kissed skin.

Sneak-a-Peek Sunglasses


Definitely not for the faint-hearted but if you are ready to take the plunge, the efforts might be just worth it!

Pataaka Tinted Penta Frame Sunglasses


Sometimes, all you need is an accessory to instantly change your style game. Meet these penta frame sunnies which scream “look at me!”

Pataaka Matte Square Frame Sunglasses


Get your hands on this pair of sunglasses which is flamboyant and yet not over the top.

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