swarna bhasma for preganancy

Swarna Bhasma is a fine Ayurvedic powder made up of pure metals and minerals. Gold and silver metals are age old remedy that has healing properties. Swarna Bhasma is one such Ayurvedic preparation which contains pure gold as a primary ingredient. The Ayurveda techniques and calcination process converts gold into therapeutic form.  It has a plethora of benefits that are useful at the time of pregnancy.

Benefits of Swarna Bhasma During Pregnancy

Improves Strength

Swarna Bhasma provides much needed strength to your body during pregnancy. In order to promote healthy development of the foetus, body strength is required. You can have swarna bhasma with milk at night to improve the strength of your body.

Boosts Immunity

Swarna Bhasma boosts immunity as it has anti-inflammatory properties. You can have Swarna bhasma with milk in the night to improve your immunity. It also strengthens the immunity of the foetus and enforces healthy development of it.

Reduces Morning Sickness

Swarna Bhasma helps reduce nausea and fatigue in the morning. Swarma Bhasma reduces inflammation in the brain and enhances memory and concentration.

Improves Mood

Swarna Bhasma reduces inflammation in your brain and stimulates memory and concentration. You can have it with honey or Chaywanprash during the morning or at night for best results.

Is Swarna Bhasma safe for pregnant woman?

Swarna Bhasma is 100% pure and natural. It does not possess any side effects but if you consume it in higher doses (more than 10 gm), it can cause toxicity.

Ways to Use

  • You can mix Swarna Bhasma with milk and have it before sleeping
  • If you do not like the taste, you can have it with honey
  • To give a boost to your immunity, you can have it Chaywanprash in the morning

Expert Tips

  • Consult your doctor before starting on with the consumption on Swarna Bhasma
  • Do not consume Swarna Bhasma more than 10 grams a day.

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