Swiggy Delivers an Astounding 1.5 Million Orders/Month on Bicycles

Swiggy, the Bangalore-based online food ordering, and delivery platform claimed that it manages to deliver over 1.5 Million orders per month on mechanical cycles. Swiggy has access to over 1.7 lakh delivery partners across more than 120 cities.

As per a statement by Srivats TS, Vice-President, Marketing, Swiggy about two years back took to more environment-friendly ways to make deliveries more sustainable. In fact, in a few locations, the average travel time for delivering orders on cycles was lesser than on motorbikes. According to Srivats, eco-friendly travel would define the future and cycle and EV logistics can drive profits in the food delivery industry. Swiggy wants to gain the first mover advantage and be a pioneer in this regard.

About twenty percent of these cycle-riding Swiggy delivery partners are delivering orders to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities like Surat, Belgaum, and Lucknow.

Source: morungexpress.com

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