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Swiggy Launches App To Offer Food To Hostelers

Popular food delivery platform, Swiggy has introduced an exclusive app named ‘Swiggy Daily’. The purpose of the app is to make healthy and hygienic homemade food available to hostelers and people alike. For this, the company has employed trusted homemakers to serve and deliver high-quality food to the users. It intends to maintain clean and simple cooking standards to serve food that users can rely on for their everyday meals.

‘Swiggy Daily’ is currently functional in Gurugram and serves about 1000 customers. The app offers a subscription-only plan for a period of three days, one week or even a month. Under this, you can also choose your own chef from a variety of options. The app also provides users with cuisines ranging from South Indian, North Indian, Bengali and Hyderabadi to Mughlai, Punjabi and Rajasthani. The users also have the convenience to schedule a single lunch or dinner meals, two hours in advance. Additionally, the app offers the users an option to skip meals or exchange meals for different cuisines.

Source: ED Times


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