Swiggy Review: Serving Delicious Food At Your Doorstep

Swiggy Review

Who wants to cook on a Saturday night? But what to do if going out seems like a lot of effort too? Pick up your phone and order all those amazing dishes that your taste buds are craving for from Swiggy. If that’s not a perfect Saturday night, then what is!

Relish the experience of getting yummilicious food from your favourite restaurant delivered at your doorstep through Swiggy. Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy had a vision of changing the way India eats. The big idea was launched in 2014 and Swiggy was born. They launched the Swiggy App in 2015 with amazing tech support of Rahul Jaimini. Since then, there has been no looking back. Today Swiggy is the No. 1 food delivery website and app in India.

What Makes Swiggy Standout?

Swiggy is really about bringing the best food delivered at your home. On a single platform for a wide foodie base, Swiggy has it all. From the leading pizzerias, delicious burgers, butter chicken, chatpata paneer or just a scoop of your favourite ice-cream — you want it, they deliver it. Swiggy even lets you customise the food as per your taste buds. Perhaps, add extra mayonnaise to your sandwich or maybe fewer spices in your shawarma. Swiggy is responsible for taking the phrase ‘Good Food, Great Life’ to a whole new level. It understands that you might be having your dinner alone tonight. So, it even gives you the option of ordering a quick bite through which you can fill your food frenzy without having any leftovers lying around.

Selected Special Services By Swiggy

Since its inception, Swiggy has been trying to make our lives easier and more comfortable by offering some really amazing deals to make your food experiences even more affordable.

Swiggy Offers: Some of the oldest deals that Swiggy has been providing its customers are via Swiggy Offers. Its customers can get up to 50% off on selected restaurants through these offers. You can also avail the payment discounts. There are certain discounts while making online payment through specific cards. These deals are perfect for anyone and everyone. After all, who does not like reasonably-priced quality food (Sasta Khana ?).

Swiggy POP: Swiggy understands that sometimes you don’t want to scroll through the huge list of restaurants. For such customers, Swiggy has about 20 to 30 meals pre-curated by various restaurants. The need for a good-to-go meal plan was the reason for creating Swiggy POP. These meals are easy to order and apt. for a single person. No more surfing through the app and getting even more confused. Just go to Swiggy POP, order a meal and enjoy.

Swiggy Super: It is a Swiggy subscription which you get either for a month or 3 months. The price is very economical, about Rs. 49 for a month and Rs. 129 for 3 months. The facilities it offers are great, with no delivery or packaging charges. No Surge fee and a surprise treat, especially for you. You can avail this offer every time you order from Swiggy, at least till the time your subscription ends. It’s a great deal to invest in as its very affordable. If you are a regular Swiggy customer, then it a must-have for you.

Available As

Swiggy Website and Swiggy App.

Now, good food is conveniently just a few clicks away.

Swiggy App Review

Swiggy App is the ultimate food stop for many food lovers. It’s a go-to interface if you are looking for quick food delivery with yummy food options. The Swiggy App customer care is very prompt in replying to the queries. In case the restaurant does not deliver as expected, then Swiggy takes full responsibility of it and makes sure you get what you ordered for. Else they provide a full refund. The Swiggy App shows all the restaurants as per the location set by you with some very authentic ratings and reviews. The aim is to ensure that your order experience is the best and you keep coming back.

The size of the app on the App Store is 98.2 k with a 5-star rating.

Countries Of Operation

Swiggy currently operates only in India. It is present in 25+ cities across the country.

Availability Of Cash On Delivery (COD)

Apart from other online modes of payment, Swiggy offers the ‘Cash on Delivery’ option as well. It really can’t get any easier!

My Experience With Ordering Food Through Swiggy

Swiggy is my go-to spot whenever I am famished. Swiggy is connected to almost all the restaurants around me. It’s app easy to navigate and choose from. The best part is that its service is always on time. Swiggy gets you food even at 3 am in the morning. Not to mention, I get pocket-friendly food and I do not have to worry about cutting into my monthly expenses either.

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