Swiggy Stores: Daily Needs Delivered To Your Doorstep

The Swiggy Stores

Swiggy has strode to success by becoming one of the top food delivery apps in the country. After raising massive funding of $1 Billion by Naspers, Swiggy is ready to launch Swiggy Stores in Gurugram. Swiggy Stores will enable its users to order items from various categories including medicine, vegetables, groceries, flowers, and more from the ease of their mobile screen. It has already on-boarded 3500 stores in Gurugram and has partnered with about 200 brands like Le Marche, Needs Supermarket, Licious, Zappfresh, MomsCo, Apollo and Guardian Pharmacy. Swiggy Stores are still in the Beta stage and will be launched soon in Gurugram.

Why Are Swiggy Stores Useful?

Swiggy Stores are a one-stop destination to get home and lifestyle necessities delivered to your doorstep. Now, you don’t need to step out in the sun or wait in line to find a parking spot because Swiggy Stores are here to serve you. From local Kirana stores to roadside flower shops, Swiggy Stores will enable its users to order stuff from the convenience of their home.

Get medicines from a local chemist or groceries from a local vendor home delivered. Now purchasing all your everyday use items is just a click away.

Why Should You Order Via Swiggy Stores?

Swiggy Stores is the newest venture of the E-commerce food delivery app Swiggy. It will make the lives of its users easier by delivering all essentials to their doorstep including medical needs.

Let’s check out why you should shop through Swiggy Stores:

  • Gain access to a wide range of products
  • Get great deals and discounts
  • Make cashless payments for your groceries and other essentials
  • Shop for daily essentials including medicine from the convenience of home
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