“Hard work never brings fatigue; It brings satisfaction” said Narendra Damodardas Modi once. And he’s stuck by his words for years now. Love him or hate him, his working style, discipline and energy will make you want to stand up and applaud him. What exactly does a tech-savvy, ever-on-the-move Prime Minister’s lifestyle look like? For starters, he works for 18 hours a day at 65! Read on to find out more about the man of the hour.

He Is An Avid Yoga Practitionernarendra-modi_jw9ipg

You know good health matters to someone when he starts each day with a Yoga session. His unfaltering energy is no longer a mystery.

He Is Punctual To A Fault

Awake at 5, at work by 9 and asleep by 12. Modi follows a strict time-table and his punctuality can put people to shame. His actions exude professionalism and dedication.

He Uses Social Media Like Nobody’s Business

Yup, his day starts with some tea and the internet. While sipping on his beverage, he goes through and responds (astoundingly) to the previous day’s tweets. Then, he reads and replies to feedback he receives on the PMO website. Suffice it to say, he knows how to keep his followers happy.

He Has Zero Vices

Having been a teetotaler his entire life, Modi does not touch alcohol or tobacco. This remarkable fact also contributes to his 20 year old equivalent energy.

He Is Passionate About Literaturemodieducation5

Apart from being an inspirational orator (his speeches have rocked crowds in the past), he is also a prolific reader and writer. He likes to spend time reading books whenever he can spare some and has authored a few himself.


The man works tirelessly for the country and deserves all the laurels he receives. We wish you nothing but the best on your birthday Modiji. Stay awesome!

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