It was our second Talking Cash event after a pretty fruitful event with bloggers the first time around. This time, welcomed 20 of the most enthusiastic students from Delhi University and other colleges to interact with our Co-Founders Swati & Rohan Bhargava. Some of the colleges from where students joined us were Dayal Singh , Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Faculty Of Management Studies, Sri Ram College of Commerce, Hindu, Ramjas and more. There were lively discussions, interesting revelations and a lot of networking.

It All Started

Right after the students arrived at the CashKaro HQ in Gurgaon, there was an interactive session with Swati & Rohan wherein the students asked questions about their lives and careers. Most of these students are aspiring entrepreneurs themselves and were very interested in how tough and rewarding it is to establish a startup.

Talkingcash 4

Their questions were mainly around:

  • The highs & lows of entrepreneurship and how to go about starting something of your own.
  • The story behind CashKaro and how it all started.
  • How Swati & Rohan decided to leave their high paying jobs to start realize their entrepreneurship dream.
  • How they went about fundraising especially from Mr. Ratan Tata.

Student Speak

Following the session by our co-founders, there was a Q & A session wherein we asked the students to ask questions related to the working of an affiliate company. The students were very inquisitive about how the targeting and the marketing aspects of a startup were taken care of.

Talkingcash 5

An amazing idea came from one of the students during the session when he suggested that CashKaro should carry out BTL marketing at ATMs. Didn’t we say these people were future business whizzes?

 Startup Experiences

Further, members of the CashKaro team including Akanksha, Rishav, Aman and Sanjula spoke to the students about their experience of working at a startup. Some of the excited students could not wait to pass out and join a startup as well.

Talkingcash 2

Focus Group

After a super yum snacking session, the students and our co-founders sat down to business. The students went through the website and presented us with their opinions on the look and feel of the website.

Talkingcash 1

After a healthy discussion and a whole lot of opinions, we were left with a lot of new ideas for our website and the students developed new startup related aspirations.

One on One

The students meet culminated with one-on-one interviews with the students.

To questions about their experience at CashKaro and they answered with words like informative, eye opening, fun etc.

When asked to summarize their experience they mentioned that were glad to interact with a founder and were deeply inspired.


And finally, they were all excited to know that they could get extra Cashback on their shopping and mentioned that they would love to recommend CashKaro to their friends and family.

We sure hope we’ll see some of you back at our office soon! Till then, good luck for upcoming semesters!

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