The PhoneBunch blog is the coolest mobile phone based tech blog you’ll ever see. Abhinav Pathak has created a website that will bring you the latest entrants in the mobile phone arena, their comparison, reviews and best of all, some great phone deals. Currently, his blog has 11k Twitter followers and 131,632 Facebook followers.


Guess what happened when this technologically driven individual visited the CashKaro office for our Talking Cash event? It was no less than a joyride.


Here’s His One On One Interview

CashKaro: How would your life be if you were stuck in a jungle without technology for two weeks?
Abhinav: My life would be really peaceful. I won’t have to check my messages or reply to people. I would be alone and that’s the best part about it.

CashKaro: Why do you prefer online shopping over offline shopping?
Abhinav: It’s just the ease of it that makes me prefer online shopping. I don’t like the hassle of carrying cash around. I rarely shop offline and I never carry much cash. During demonetization I wasn’t really affected as I did not carry cash to begin with.

CashKaro: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say CashKaro?
Abhinav: Cashback! As I mentioned, I mostly shop online so I really like to find the best deals and discounts. And CashKaro gives Cashback above these discounts so it’s a great way to shop.

Image Credits: @PhoneBunch on Twitter

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