If you’ve ever longed to travel solo and take in the beauty that India has to offer, it would do you good to take some tips from The Traveling Slacker. Jitaditya Narzary, the founder and operator of this blog has a knack for traveling on a budget and exploring far hinterlands of the country that people seldom visit. In his own words, he is enamored by “desolated Himalayan valleys and forgotten archaeological vestiges of the great Indian plains”. Right now, his Twitter page has a following of over 3000 people and his work has been featured in Outlook Traveller Gateways, Free Press Journal Newspaper, Terrascape Magazine, Indiatimes, WWF Calendar, Discover India’s North East Magazine and other prestigious publications.


When he visited the CashKaro office, he was more than willing to share tips  on how he saves money while he travels and was thrilled to learn how CashKaro could add to those savings.

Here’s How His One On One Interview Went

CashKaro: Can you share a travel hack with us?
Jitaditya: When I travel, I try to stay with local families instead of hotels or lodges. It’s much cheaper and you also get to hear some great stories from locals.

CashKaro: Which is your favorite travel booking site?
Jitaditya: I’ve been using MakeMyTrip for around 10 years. It is the oldest travel website and the easiest to use.

CashKaro: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say CashKaro?
Jitaditya: I can get Cashback along with discounts which is something that other coupons websites don’t offer. It’s a great thing for people like me who travel on a budget.

Image Credits: @TravellingSlack on Twitter and the Travelling Slacker blog

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