Tarang TV Serials List: Tarang TV Serials Timings & Schedule

Tarang TV Serials List 2019: Tarang TV Serials Timings & Schedule Today

Avid watcher of Tarang TV or simply a newbie keen to discover Odia content on TV? Whatever might be the case, we have the definitive Tarang TV serial list for you. Tarang TV is Odisha’s most popular Odia-language based general entertainment channel which is owned by Odisha Television Limited. This channel aims to provide entertainment shows to people who are from Odisha and want to watch content related to their land. Tarang TV serial list and timetable will be really helpful for those people. This channel airs a lot of shows ranging from family shows to period drama and reality shows. Here is a Tarang TV serial list with the timings of shows for you to go through and not miss out on any of your favourite shows.

1Tarang TV Serials List: Tarang TV Serials Timings & Schedule Today

Tarang TV Serials List Tarang TV Serials Timings  Tarang TV Serials Time Table Today
Sankat Mochan Mahaveer Hanumaan – Tarang TV Serials 5:30 PM Monday-Friday
To Akhi Mo Aina – Tarang TV Serials 6:30 PM Monday-Friday
Ama Ghara Laxmi – Tarang TV Show 7:00 PM Monday-Friday
Kuanri Bohu – Tarang TV Channel Serials 7:30 PM Monday-Friday
Nua Bohu – Tarang TV Serials 8:00 PM Monday-Friday
Durga – Tarang TV Serials 8:30 PM Monday-Friday
Tara Tarini – Tarang TV Show 9:00 PM Monday-Friday
Sabitree – Tarang TV Channel Serials 9:30 PM Monday-Friday
Sister Sridevi – Tarang TV Serials 10:00 PM Monday-Friday

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