Add Channels in Tata Sky: A Step by Step Guide with Channel Prices

Tata Sky Add Channel: How to Add Channels in Tata Sky? (With Channel Prices)

Tata Sky provides over 600 channels including HD channels. You can select and add any channel to your current pack. The easiest way to do so is by calling the customer care at 1800 208 6633, however if you want to do it yourself then here are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to add channels to your Tata Sky add channel list.

How to Add Channels in Tata Sky Online? 

To add channels to your Tata Sky channel list, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Tata Sky subscriber account
  • Use your Tata Sky I
  • Or use your Tata Sky registered mobile number
  • Choose the picture quality (High Definition or Standard Definition) of the channels that you want to add
  • Remember to choose the picture quality that is supported on your television
  • Select the channel from the list provided
  • Add it to your existing pack

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Method 1: Add Channel on Tata Sky via SMS 

Tata Sky add channel via SMS by sending, ADD <Channel No.> to 56633 from your Tata Sky registered mobile number. To see the respective channel numbers for Tata Sky channels, check out the list below. When adding Tata Sky Channel, you will need to see the price and the channel no. of each Tata Sky channel which is mentioned in the table below.

Method 2: Add Channel on Tata Sky from their Website

Visit Tata Sky website and login to your DTH account, you would have to look for my packs/my subscription section and then click on add channels. This can be better understood by the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit Tata Sky’s customer portal and login
  • Click on My Plan/Pack
  • Now expand the channels tab
  • Select your preferred channels and review your final plan

Tata Sky Channel Prices With Channel Numbers

We have uploaded a complete list of individual as well as broadcaster bouquet list of channels with individual prices. This will save you from the hassle of finding individual channel codes and package details, you can view the PDF files on your browser or download them to find the channels you would like to add.

List of ChannelsPDF Files
List of Ala-carte ChannelsView Prices
List of Broadcaster Bouquet ChannelsView Prices

You can also see the frequency of Tata Sky channels in case you’re curious and want to use that information.

Tata Sky DTH Add Channel FAQs

Is it easy to add channel on Tata Sky DTH?

Yes, you can easily add channels on Tata Sky DTH via the above-listed methods. It is also very easy to modify Tata Sky Package in case you wish to add several channels without sending an SMS for each.

Is there any option to modify channel packs in Tata Sky DTH?

Apart from adding individual channels to your Tata Sky channel list, you can also modify your existing channel pack.

What is the minimum cost to add a channel on Tata Sky DTH?

You can easily add a channel to your Tata Sky DTH channel list for a minimum price of Rs.10 per channel. See the Tata Sky price list to see how much you can save by buying a pack instead of adding channels.

What is the contact number of Tata Sky DTH customer care?

One of the customer care contact number of Tata Sky DTH is 1800 208 6633. Check out more Tata Sky Contact Numbers

Is it better to add individual channels or buy Tata Sky packages?

Honestly, it depends on your taste and requirement. For example, if you want HD channels, it is best to recharge with Tata Sky HD pack. But say you want to only add a few sports channel, then adding the channel individually is more affordable than investing in a Tata Sky Sports Pack. It is also important to note that in south India, Tata Sky has different rates and packs for the same channels. Hence, if you are buying a connection there, it is important that you first check Tata Sky south pack prices before investing any money at all.
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Can I Add Tata Sky Channels with my Tata Sky Remote?

You can navigate your account with the Tata Sky remote control, but adding a pack is not possible. You will be prompted to send an SMS to add any channel itself.

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