Tentex Royal: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price

What is Tentex Royal?

A lack of male vigor can cause constraints in relationships and add to the stress of daily life. Tentex Royal is a capsule by pharmaceutical company Himalaya which is used to improve male vigor. Tentex Royal benefits the general strength and stamina as well. It contains Small Caltrops (Gokshura), Hygrophilia (Kokilaksha) and Almond.

However, it is essential to know Tentex Royal dosage and side effects before consumption. Read on to find out all the benefits of Tentex Royal Capsules and other Tentex Royal uses.

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Benefits of Tentex Royal

Acts As An All-natural Libido Booster

Tentex Royal contains Piper Betle, which induces vasorelaxation by inhibiting nitric oxide (NO) synthase inhibitor and helps provide androgenic action. Various other ingredients in the capsule also provide strength, improve performance, and satisfaction.

Increases Blood Flow To The Penis And Enhances Erection

Tentex Royal is rich in tribulus terrestris that contains protodioscin. This ingredient converts into dehydroepiandrosterone in the body and improves blood circulation to penile tissue. This, in turn, stimulates vascular smooth muscle relaxation and enhances erection.

Increases Sperm Motility And Sperm Count

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Uses of Tentex Royal

Acts As An Anxiolytic

Tentex Royal comprises of ingredients such as Crocus Sativus that help to reduce anxiety linked to performance and stamina.

Acts As A Nerve Tonic

Tentex Royal is a herbal medicine that contains Prunus Amygdalus that helps in improving psychotropic functions.

Has Androgenic Action

Tentex Royal contains Curculigo Orchioides that works effectively to increase the level of testosterone, thereby enhancing performance.

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How To Use Tentex Royal

Can it be consumed before or after meals?

It is advisable to consume Tentex Royal tablets with water one hour before bedtime.

Can it be taken on an empty stomach?

You must consume Tentex Royal tablets one hour before bedtime to attain effective results.

Should it be consumed with water?

Yes, Tentex Royal tablets can be taken with water.

Should it be consumed with milk?

You can consume Tentex Royal tablets with warm milk or water.

Tentex Royal: Dosage

Consult a doctor for determining the dosage of the medicine for you. Usually, it is advised to take 2 capsules before bedtime.

Used By Quantity
Adults 2 capsules

Side Effects of Tentex Royal

As it contains natural ingredients, Tentex Royal does not have any reported side effects. However, users are advised not to increase the recommended dosage.

Precautions & Warnings of Tentex Royal

Can it be consumed before driving?

It is advisable to take Tentex Royal medicine before bedtime.

Can it be consumed with alcohol?

No, Tentex Royal tablet must not be taken with alcohol. It is safe to consume the tablets with water.

Can it be addictive?

No, Tentex Royal tablet is not addictive.

Can it make you drowsy?

You must not consume Tentex Royal in excess to avoid drowsiness and dizziness.

Can you overdose on Tentex Royal?

No, you must not consume Tentex Royal tablets in excess to avoid medical complications.

15 Important Questions About Tentex Royal Answered

What is it made of?

Tentex Royal comprises of two main ingredients, namely, tribulus terrestris and hygrophila.

What are its storage requirements?

You must store Tentex Royal tablets at room temperature, keeping them away from heat and light.

How long do I need to use Tentex Royal till I see improvement in my condition?

You can witness the effects of Tentex Royal within 2 hours of consumption. It must be taken for 6 to 12 weeks in order to get promising results.

How many times a day do I need to use Tentex Royal?

You can have this medicine once a day before bedtime to experience its tremendous effects.

Does it have any effect on breast feeding?

You must consult a certified pharmacist before consuming Tentex Royal medicine while breastfeeding.

Is it safe for kids?

No, Tentex Royal capsules must not be taken by children.

Does it have any effect on pregnancy?

You must consult a qualified Ayurveda practitioner before consuming Tentex Royal medicine during pregnancy.

How effective are Tentex Royal capsules in erectile dysfunction?

Tentex Royal capsules are widely used for the purpose of curing erectile dysfunction. It contains protodioscin that transforms into dehydroepiandrosterone in the body and improves blood circulation to penile tissue. This, in turn, promotes vascular smooth muscle relaxation and enhances erection.

Does Tentex Royal increase testosterone?

Yes, Tentext Royal comprises of Curculigo Orchioides as an ingredient that helps boost the level of testosterone in the body.

When should I take Tentex Royal?

It is advisable to consume 2 capsules of Tentex Royal one hour before bedtime to experience its tremendous effects.

Does Tentex Royal increase sperm count?

Yes, Tentex Royal is highly effective in boosting the sperm count due to the presence of certain active ingredients in the tablet.

Can I take Tentex Royal daily?

Yes, you can take Tentex Royal daily. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor about the dosage you should take per day. Some studies say it is better to take half the dosage on days when you are not indulging in intercourse. Discuss with your doctor about how many tablets should you consume per day.

Can we take Ashwashila and Tentex Royal tablets together?

There is no need for you to take Ashwashila if you are taking Tentex Royal regularly. It is sufficient in itself.

Which is more powerful- Tentex Royal or Tentex Forte?

Tentex Royal and Tentex Forte are both used for different problems. While Tentex Royal aims at helping you with erectile dysfunction, Tentex Forte caters to a wider range of sexual issues. If you have a lack of sex-drive, lack of desire for sex, erectile dysfunction etc., you should consume Tentex Forte. It is slightly more powerful than Tentex Royal.

What are the natural cures for erectile dysfunction?

There are many natural methods you can practice to cure erectile dysfunction. Eating a healthy diet, regularly exercising and limited consumption of alcohol have positive impact in helping you cure the problem. You sleep cycle also plays a vital role in it. Additionally, the intake of medicines like Tentex Royal can help in curing the problem as it is a herbal medicine which does not have side effects.

Buyer’s Guide- Price and Where to Buy Tentex Royal

Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsules – 10 Capsules (Pack of 10)

Himalaya Tentex Royal

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Rs. 1040

Popular Brands that Sell Tentex Royal

Research on Tentex Royal

According to a study published by Himalaya in the year 2002, titled ‘Clinical Evaluation of Tentex Royal in Erectile Dysfunction’, Tentex Royal improves sexual desire and enhances erection. The capsule is effective in patients with the incomplete erection as well as in patients with no erection and loss of libido.

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