The Best Frozen Yogurts In The Capital

The perfect combination of sweet, tart and creamy, frozen yogurt is a one-of-a-kind dessert. You could call it the western cousin of lassi, but they’re both completely unique in their own ways. The lassi is sweeter whilst frozen yogurt is more tart and sour in flavour.

Frozen yogurt is extremely refreshing and is a much healthier option than ice cream. It comes in a variety of fruity flavours and with a combination of the most delicious toppings. This dessert is the perfect ending to a nice meal, and it offers a breath of lightness that is so very required. The best possible way to gorge on some froyo would be to order in. Use CashKaro’s Zomato coupons and Zomato promo codes on the following restaurants for some delicious frozen yogurt.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

A whole restaurant dedicated to frozen yogurt, Menchie’s is one of the best places in Delhi for some sweet treats. Get your favourite flavours with the best toppings here at Menchies. Use Zomato offers to get it delivered to your house.

Must try: Chocolate yogurt, Mudpie


With the options of both regular froyo and sugar-free ones, Cocoberry is really taking this dessert to the next step. They have wonderful flavours that you can’t easily find in other places. Get it now with Zomato coupon codes for the best price.

Must try: Sugar-free frozen yogurt, Mango yogurt

Red Mango

This cafe has a menu full of healthy food. All their food, right down to their deserts are healthy and can be eaten without guilt. Their frozen yogurts are even non-fat, meaning you can eat all that your stomach can handle. Use Zomato promo codes to get yourself the best flavours.

Must try: Non-fat froyo, Parfait


Yumto is a dessert parlour full of delicious sweet treats. Their menu contains ice cream sundaes, shakes, frozen yogurt and more. The best part of this is that you can get all this delivered right to your door using Zomato coupon codes.

If you’re looking for any food, Zomato is the place to go. You will find on CashKaro, many Zomato coupons that you can use to get yourself cheap food. Checkout the Zomato offers now!

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