The Burger that Magnificently Crossed it’s Expected Lifetime

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The Indian mentality is that most of us like our food to be fresh. We want straight out of the stove, as opposed to straight out of the freezer, though the latter may be easier. This got me thinking, how would we feel about a 10-year-old burger? Bewilderment? Disgust?

Well whatever it is, I’m sure there’s a part in all our us that is sincerely curious about how that burger would taste. We all, yes all, want a bite of that burger and see what’s up.

This phenomenon gripped the whole world when Iceland’s Hjörtur Smárason live-streamed the 10-year anniversary of the popular McDonald’s combo – Hamburger and Fries. He had conducted an experiment to test the claims put forth by the company, that McDonald’s food does not decompose. And to our shock, it seems this claim, is in fact, true.

This leads to the question – What exactly are the McDonald’s people injecting into their food to make it last 10 years (minimum). Displayed at the Snotra House, this meal still looks no worse for wear. The funny part is that the meal looks like it still has at least 10 years left to it.


It is important to note that there was no formaldehyde involved in the preservation of the samples. The food was simply put inside a glass box after it spent three years in a plastic bag in Smárason’s garage. After quite a few moves, the meal finally ended up at the Snotra House, where it probably intends to stay and conquer.

People Ate It?!

While the holy meal graced its presence at the National Museum of Iceland, there were reportedly a couple of visitors who actually snagged a fry for themselves. No new of their illness or disease has come up, which leads us to think, this meal may actually be edible. I dare you to try it!

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