The Good Kind of Indulgence: Top Healthy Dessert Places on UberEats Delhi

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Gone are the days when being fat and chubby were the signs of being from an affluent background. Also, gone are the days when being skinny and size zero was the ultimate sign of fitness. People these days don’t want to be chubby or skinny. They don’t want to focus on what the outer appearance is, but, only what goes in the body and how much of it gets burned out.

Your body is the temple that you need to worship with full devotion since health is your greatest asset. We do everything under the sun to keep ourselves fit and healthy. However, the foodie that we try to bury, wants to indulge every now and then. For such moments of weakness, we have carefully curated a list of Healthy Dessert places in Delhi NCR listed on UberEats. These places would satiate your sweet tooth and health freak mindset at the same time.

Here is the list of top healthy dessert places in Delhi/NCR that UberEats offers.


This highly underrated place in Gurugram and South Delhi is perfect to satisfy your need to have something sweet. The name of this place itself consists of several hints of how healthy it is. They also have Keto options if you are watching your weight and wish to keep carbs in control. You can indulge in the healthy desserts from this place and keep your pocket light by using UberEats promo code.

Healthy dessert that you cannot miss here:

Chocolate Walnut bomb, Fig almond bomb and date bomb


Having outlet in Greater Kailash, this cafe has taken the onus to fix you up with a healthy menu that has organic ingredients and healthier alternatives like jaggery instead of sugar. UberEats offers various discounts using UberEats promo code to eat healthy and save money at the same time.

Healthy desserts that you cannot miss here:

Chocolate Brownie and Lime Pie sweetened with organically only.


GoGourmet has outlets across the National Capital Region and offers a wide range of healthy eating options. The reviews would suggest that it is a little heavy on the pocket, however, we have got you covered. With UberEats promo and UberEats coupon applicable at this place, you can Go Gourmet and Go Healthy at a cheaper price.

Healthy desserts that you cannot miss here:

Vanilla Chia Pudding, Choco Chia, Classic Fruit Custard

That is not all that we have in the city!

To check out other options, download the UberEats app and see for yourself the numerous options available along with UberEats promo and UberEats coupon that give you health at pocket friendly prices.

What are you waiting for?

Treat yourself with these tasty, healthy desserts and save with the additional UberEats discount code available on

We wish you a very Happy indulgence and Happy Health.


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