November is here which means it’s time for men to put away their razors and bask in the magnificence of a full grown beard. While spouses and bosses probably won’t be too happy about this, you finally have a good enough reason – it’s for a good cause. Around the world, No Shave November is a movement which is followed to raise awareness about prostate and other cancers affecting men. Essentially, men donate a month’s worth of grooming costs to cancer funds.

Apart from the noble aspect, No Shave November has significant health benefits as well. Here’s how your health will benefit from a fully grown (and clean) beard.

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#1 Blemish Free Skin

The immediate benefit of going shave-less is no razor burns, ingrown hair and rashes. Hurray for soft albeit scratchy skin!

#2 Free Moisturizer

A hairy chin locks in the natural oils of the skin and also safeguards it from skin drying winds giving you naturally moisturization.

#3 Fewer Colds

With the winter setting in, your beard will protect you from the biting cold. The result? Lesser infections, blocked noses and sore throats.

#4 Prevents Skin Cancer

Facial hair protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun – an inexpensive sunblock, if you may. Reduced exposure to these rays reduces skin cancer odds.

#5 Prevents Allergies

By acting as a barrier between you and allergens, your beard protects you from common allergies. This makes facial hair a real lifesaver if you suffer from asthma.

#6 Forever Young

Reiterating the skin protection skills of your beard, it also prevents skin ageing caused by the
sun giving you skin that is forever young.


Gear Up For Scruff Season!

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