The Honor Watch for The Classy People

Honor watch on Amazon

The culture of wearing activity trackers and fitness bands in place of old-style watches has really taken over. You take a step outside and you can see at least 10 people donning one. Why? Because of all the features surrounding it.

But if you ask the watch purists, they won’t move away from the typical round-dial, analog-style watch. But what if you can get both in the same equipment? Would you go for it? I’m sure most would. You can get the features of a phone in the compactness of a watch in the Honor Magic Watch2. Let’s take a look at some of its cool specifications.


This watch has a typical round AMOLED display. This will ensure maximum clarity because of the pixel density. It is also a touchscreen, making it extremely easy to use. Plus, you can have personalised watch faces, meaning you’re not stuck with one boring display. And the best part, there is also an analog clock which allows you to tell the time in the ‘normal way’. Pre-order it using Amazon promo codes and other Amazon coupons from CashKaro.


Why would a watch need memory you ask? To store essential information like contacts of course. This watch has a 4 GB internal memory which can also store pictures for you. However, it does not have expandable storage. Get this awesome watch with Amazon offers and save a ton of cash.


This watch has extremely cool features that allow you to connect with others. You can make and attend calls with this watch. It also has Bluetooth and GPS functions, which just makes life easier for all of us. Use Amazon coupon codes from CashKaro to expand your savings.


This watch additionally has fitness features, which is probably what you’ve all been waiting for. It can track the number of steps taken and also track when you engage in other exercises. It also has a heart-rate monitor in addition to a chronograph and an alarm feature. Get it now using Amazon promo codes and Amazon coupon codes to increase your saved money.

Though this watch isn’t released yet, and we can’t predict the price of it, there is no doubt that it won’t be awesome. Testify that fact with Amazon coupons and Amazon offers which will help you save.

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