It’s not like Skechers is an obscure sneaker brand in India. You’ve probably seen those Skechers shoe models that look like beautiful ballet flats and others that could easily pass for office appropriate formal shoes. If you haven’t, here’s a bit of intel into just how popular these shoes are in Hollywood. Here are some awesome celebrities that the brand was able to rope in for endorsements.

FYI – Iron Man is one of them!

Robert Downey Jr.

What did we tell you? Here’s Iron Man Being all moody in classic looking sneaks.  


Here’s him standing on a bathroom mat for some reason, still looking hot in those formal looking sneakers.


And here he is sitting smartly on a staircase flaunting his tough looking sport shoes


The Kardashians

If Kim Kardashian approves of the shoes, we want them! Plus, who wouldn’t want to get in shape like her.


Yup, she wears them in real life too!

Kim Kardashian with Skechers Shapeups

Here’s her AND Kris Jenner telling you to get fit in the most stylish way – Skechers running shoes


In fact, the entire clan Klan seems to love the shoes.


Britney Spears

For those who are uninitiated, Skechers was originally a brand that created skate-sneakers and singing sensation Britney Spears loved them.


So much so that they are actually called Britney 4 Wheelers. She seems to be covered in spaghetti here, but the shoes look smashing.


Brooke Burke

If you enjoy American television then you probably know who Brooke Burke is. The Dancing With The Stars diva also showcased our new favorite running shoes.


Here’s Brooke giving the gift of fitness


Christina Aguilera

The ultra-popular singer, songwriter and actress Christina Aguilera has done some pretty hot adverts with Skechers. Strangely, there is always two of her in every ad.

Christina As Cop And Convict


Christina As Sexy Teacher And Sexier Student

enhanced-buzz-16922-1369261811-12 (1)

Christina As Nurse With Scary Shot And Patient With Headache


In each ad, we had a really tough time choosing between ogling at the star and ogling at the shoes. *Frantically searches for Skechers shoes online* (They’re available on Jabong btw)

Thank us later!

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