The Internet Explodes with Memes One Last Time As Leonardo Finally Wins an Oscar!

The Internet came to life once again as Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the most coveted award, an Oscar for his performance in ‘The Revenant’. The 41-year-old star had been the butt of all ‘failure’ jokes up until yesterday – when an Oscar finally happened!

Here’s a look back at the memes that made our Monday more exciting than a Friday!

1.That one meme that has its rounds every year!

2. When Oscar brushes you every year and walks to another actor ?

        Bye, bye Leo! See you next year, and the year after and the year after that!

3. You win every other award but gets snubbed only by the Golden Man.

4. When there are high hopes of winning an Oscar and the announcer takes a different guy’s name!

5. When it happens over and over again…

6. And finally there is nothing more to care about and you start comparing yourself to God ?

7. Then suddenly out of the blue, it happens!

Leo stunned

8. Time to drop all down and go crazy!

Leo definitely deserved the Oscar. After 22 years and 6 nominations, everyone wanted to see the versatile actor win. Click here to see some of his epic movies with great on screen charisma!


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