The Man Company brings premium grooming essentials for men. The products contain 100% natural, cold-pressed, premium essential oils. Their entire collection is SLS and Paraben free which ensures that the skin, hair or eyes stay unharmed from harmful chemicals. So, this Father’s Day, give your dad products of the finest quality. Let him indulge and pamper in the best products from The Man Company.

To help you save more, The Man Company is offering a 25% discount on the Father’s Day collection. You can also choose gift combos under Rs 1199, in the range of Rs 1200- 1999 and above Rs 2000. If you shop via CashKaro, you can also get a 15% CashKaro Cashback on your purchase.

Best Gifts for Father’s Day

1. Fresh Face Forward Combo

Fresh Face Forward Combo

This combo contains a Charcoal Sheet Mask, Moisturising cream, Charcoal Face Wash and a Charcoal face scrub.

Anti-Pollution Sheet Mask – Bamboo Charcoal

  • This two-piece sheet mask provides hydrated and rejuvenated skin
  • It repairs damage caused by pollution and harmful UV rays
  • Infused with Charcoal, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid, this mask retains moisture, improves texture and promotes skin regeneration
  • Use this mask for a soft and supple skin

Moisturizing Cream

  • Shea Butter and Vitamin E moisturize the skin
  • Also helps in healing scars
  • It keeps the skin soft and supple

Charcoal Face Wash

  • Contains Argan and Ylang-Ylang essential oils with activated Charcoal
  • Rejuvenates skin, treats acne, prevents skin infection
  • Anti-aging and hypotensive properties

Charcoal Face Scrub

  • Powered with Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and activated Charcoal
  • Removes dust, dirt and dead cells
  • Contains anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Price: 1,196 (25% Off Code + 15% CashKaro Cashback)

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2. Eau De Toilette – Aeras

Eau De Toilette - Aeras

This perfume has a heady, spicy, floral and masculine fragrance with warm undertones. It celebrates strength and nobility and is perfect for any special occasion.

  • Top notes: Lavender, Artemisia, Banana leaf, Cinnamon
  • Middle notes: Geranium, Freesia, Clover
  • Bottom notes: Amber, Coconut, Vanilla

Price: 1,499 (25% Off Code + 15% CashKaro Cashback)

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3. Signature Shaving Set

Signature Shaving Set

This signature shaving set contains a premium blade razor, magnetic razor stand, diamond coated blades and a travel-friendly razor case.

Premium 5 Blade Razor

  • 5+1 blades made with German technology
  • Diamond coated blades with a styling trimmer blade
  • Special lubricated strip place on top of blades
  • Comfortable, light-weight and wide-grip handle
  • Easy release push button to change cartridges

Diamond Coated Blades

  • Durable and sharp edges
  • Close shave
  • No pulling and tugging
  • Styling trimmer for precision
  • Vitamin E and Aloe Vera lubricated strip to avoid irritation

Magnetic Razor Stand

  • Smooth, matte finish
  • Magnetic base and petite style
  • Scratch free and rust free
  • Easy to clean

Razor Case

  • Simple and robust
  • Protects the blades
  • Anti-pressure, waterproof and scratch resistant

Price: 1,799 (25% Off Code + 15% CashKaro Cashback)

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4. The Charcoal Gang

The Charcoal Gang

This combo contains a Body Wash, Shampoo, Face Scrub, Face Wash, Cleansing Gel and Soap. With Activated Charcoal as their main ingredient, these products provide a complete skin detox.

Charcoal Body Wash

  • Infused with Lemongrass and Cinnamon natural essential oil
  • Fights acne, is antioxidant, and antiseptic
  • Smoothens your skin,
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Improves overall complexion

Charcoal Shampoo

  • Powerful combination of pepper mint and clove essential oil
  • Removes dandruff
  • Improves hair growth
  • Removes frizz
  • Leaves the hair soft

Charcoal Face Scrub

  • Contains Lemongrass and Eucalyptus essential oils
  • Scrubs off dirt and dust
  • Removes dead cells
  • Leave the skin soft and smooth

Charcoal Face Wash

  • Contains Argan and Ylang-Ylang oils
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Treats acne and infection
  • Contains anti-aging properties

Charcoal Soap Bar

  • Removes toxins and reduces blemishes
  • Deep cleanses by exfoliating the skin
  • Removes acne, blackheads
  • Reduces pigmentation

Price: 2,695 (25% Off Code + 15% CashKaro Cashback)

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5. Father’s Shavin’ Special

Father's Shavin' Special

This Father’s Shavin’ Special Kit contains a Shave Gel, Shaving Brush, Pre shave oil, Razor Black and Blades Cartridge.

Shave Gel

  • Infused with lemon
  • Removes tan, dead skin, blemishes and spots
  • Refreshing, antiseptic and astringent properties
  • Tones, balances and rejuvenates skin

Black Shaving Brush

  • Natural golden hog hair bristles and a teakwood handle
  • Circular motions stimulate blood flow
  • Smooth hair removal
  • Creates lather efficiently

Pre-Shave Oil 

  • Contains Argan and Jojoba oils
  • Moisturizes, heals and conditions skin
  • Softens stubble for a smoother shave
  • Forms a protective layer
  • Protects dry and sensitive skin

Premium 5-Blade Razor & Diamond Coated Blades Cartridge

  • Made with German technology
  • Precise trimming and styling
  • Comfortable and easy shave
  • Lubricating strip to refresh skin
  • Easy cartridge change

Price: 2,745 (25% Off Code + 15% CashKaro Cashback)

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