Genre: Psychological, Thriller
Release Date: October 02, 2019
Directed and Written by: Todd Phillips
Produced by: Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper
Based on Characters from the DC Universe
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro

The much-awaited Todd Phillip’s Joker movie is all set to release in India on October 2nd 2019. One of the most anticipated movies of the year, set in 1981, follows Arthur Fleck, a man struggling with psychological loneliness and seclusion. Battling with two personalities, one as an unsuccessful clown and stand-up comedian for his day job, the second which he portrays while attempting to find his place in the broken society in the city of Gotham. He is extremely misunderstood and unable to cope with the society rules and structure. In each scene, Arthur’s expressions show that he doesn’t feel any emotion and is at the verge of a nervous breakdown. He’s consistently mocking and has a bitter sense of humour.

Juggling between the two personas and dealing with extreme brutality and unkindness, Arthur can be seen making various bad decisions in a series of violent event.

The movie is a new interpretation on the birth of one of cinematic universe’s most iconic villain. The new take on the mentally-ill, nightmare freak draws a variety of emotions out of its viewers ranging from shock, disappointment to even the surprising slight sympathy.

Catch a glimpse of the action: Watch the trailer

Warner Bros released the final trailer of the movie in August. With the theatrical, it is clearly seen that Todd Phillips has taken the most famous comic villain and gone deeper into the mindset of the flawed character to give us this masterpiece film

Watch trailer here:

Who are the stars?

Joaquin Phoenix, the lead actor, can be totally seen living as Arthur who is mocked, abused and a victim of life. His physical transformation is accurate and overwhelming as he morphs into the Joker.

The movie also stars legendary Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin, a talk show host who is responsible for the psychotic break of Arthur.

The supporting cast includes Zazzie Beetz, Frances Conroy and Brett Cullen as major plot holders in the rise of the rogue villain.

Monster with a Smile

Already a critics favourite!

The film received glory reviews at the screening at Venice Film Festival and big praise at TIFF, there is already a ton of excitement amongst the DC followers! It has already become a topic of major discussions online but the comparison to previous Jokers Heath Ledger and jack Nicholson feels completely unnecessary.

Facts you didn’t know:

  1. This is Joaquin Phoenix’s first role in a comic book film. He previously turned down roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  2. Due to the physical transformation of Joaquin Phoenix for the roles, there could be no re-shoots of scenes. Todd Phillips had to adjust the script during production
  3. The song in the trailer is ‘Smile’ by renowned comedian Charlie Chaplin for his film Modern Times
  4. Joaquin Phoenix was friends with late actor Heath Ledger who won an Academy Award ‘Oscar’ for his portrayal of the same character in 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’
  5. The premier of the film at Venice Film Festival received a standing ovation for almost ten minutes

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