Apple Cider Vinegar was considered a miraculous healing potion by Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, centuries ago in 400 BC. Apart from acting as a health-bestowing elixir, the number of uses this household staple has will astound you. Here’s a list of the many ways in which Apple Cider Vinegar can make your life simpler.

Health Benefitsapple-cider-vinegar

1. Cures Heartburn

Being acidic in nature, ACV alleviates heartburns caused due to slow digestion by breaking down food and transporting it into the small intestine quicker.

2. Soothes Sore Throats

The anti-bacterial properties of ACV make it the easiest way of relieving a sore throat. Mix apple cider vinegar in warm water and gargle every few hours for best results.

3. Prevent Diabetes

Consuming as little as 2 tablespoons of raw ACV has been known to reduce blood sugar, thereby preventing type 2 diabetes.

4. Aids Weight Loss

Working as a natural appetite suppressant, ACV boosts your chances of losing weight quicker.

Beauty Benefits

5. Freedom From Flakes

Massage equal parts ACV and water into your scalp and you will watch your dandruff gradually disappear. Added bonus – the concoction will also leave your hair shiny and soft.

6. Tone That Skin

ACV can work marvelously as a toner. Make sure you dilute it with water be
fore applying it on your face using a cotton ball. It will cleanse the skin while balancing its pH level.


7. Clear Acne

If your life is a constant battle against acne, you just won. Use 1 part ACV and 2 parts water to rid your skin of bacteria, dust and excess oil thus preventing pimples. Just pat your skin with the solution using a cotton ball and wash it off in 10 minutes to see the difference.

8. Soothes Sunburns

Being a natural astringent, ACV heals sunburnt skin. It also works wonders for itchy, irritated skin.

Hygiene Benefits

9. Deodorant Replacement

Deodorants are laden with chemicals that irritate your skin and may even cause cancer. Do away with the toxins and just apply some ACV under your arms. It will kill the odor-causing bacteria without harming your skin in the least.


10. Banish Bad Breath

ACV can help kill odor causing bacteria in your mouth as well. Use as a mouthwash and then brush as usual. Voila! Fresh breath in a jiffy.

11. Odorless Feet

It’s clear by now – ACV removes a lot of odors by killing odor-causing bacteria. Wipe your feet and toes with a washcloth soaked in the odor neutralizing liquid for eliminate the smell.

Household Benefits

12. Daily Disinfectant

Say no to household disinfectant that clean your floors but leave chemicals and toxins as their residue. Just use raw ACV to clean your floors and other surfaces to kill bacteria and remove dirt.non-toxic-cleaner

13. Deodorize Your Space

Not just your body, ACV can deodorize your home as well. Smell an unpleasant odor wafting around? Put out a dish filled with ACV to get rid of it quicker.

14. Fabric Conditioning

Using a cupful of ACV instead of your regular fabric conditioner can keep your clothes soft and as good as new.

15. Clean Food

Wash your fruits and meats with an ACV solution to get rid of pesticides, dirt and parasites.

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