Figs are sweet, grainy fruits that are easy to consume dry or soaked. They have multiple benefits for skin, hair and health. Here is a look at all of the benefits derived from this yummy fruit.

“Figs are an excellent source of phenolic compounds, such as proanthocyanidins. Its fruit, root, and leaves are used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments such as gastrointestinal (colic, indigestion, loss of appetite, and diarrhea), respiratory (sore throats, coughs, and bronchial problems), and cardiovascular disorders and as anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic remedy.”

-Ficus carica L. (Moraceae): Phytochemistry, Traditional Uses and Biological Activities
Shukranul Mawa, Khairana Husain, and Ibrahim Jantan
PubMed Central, U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine

What Are Figs?

Figs are bell-shaped or pear-shaoed fruits that grow on the ficus tree. Their scientific name is Ficus carica and they belong to the mulberry family. These are primarily found in the Middle East and Western Asia and grow throughout the year. A lot of people enjoy the smooth and crunchy texture of figs as it is filled with edible seeds.

Natural Characteristics Of Figs

  • They contain Vitamins A, C, E and K
  • They are rich in niacin, thiamine, Riboflavin and Folate
  • Rich in Sodium and Potassium
  • Contain minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc
  • They also contain beta carotene and lutein
  • They contain phenols, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids

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Health Benefits Of Figs

6. Promote Digestive Health

Figs are loaded with dietary fibre which makes them great for digestive health. Eating 2-3 soaked figs every morning can give you freedom from diarrheoa and constipation.

5. Good For Heart Health

Figs are known to reduce the triglyceride level in the body, preventing deadly heart diseases. The presence of phenols and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids also ensure that the heart and arteries remain healthy.

4. Lower Cholesterol

The presence of omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids along with pectin ensures that cholesterol is removed from the body. It also reduces cholesterol synthesis in the body.

3. Help Cure Anaemia

The high level of iron in figs makes for higher haemoglobin levels in the body. This helps prevent and cure anaemia. Consuming dry figs daily can contribute to increased iron levels immediately.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure can consume the fruit to lower and maintain blood pressure levels. The fibre in figs brings down the level while potassium, omega 3 and omega 6 helps maintain it.

1. Improve Sexual Health & Fertility

The fruit contains magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc which promote sexual health. They increase the production for estrogen and androgens, which contribute to sexual health and fertility,

Uses Of Figs For Skin

The antioxidant properties of figs make them amazing for the skin. Here are the benefits they provide:

  • Preventing wrinkles
  • Making skin softer
  • Skin rejuvenation

Simply consuming figs can benefit the skin and they can also be mashed and applied directly.

Uses of Figs For Hair

Figs contain Vitamin C, magnesium and Vitamin E, all of which contribute to better hair. These are the benefits that your hair can derive from the fruit.

  • Deep condition hair
  • Promote hair growth

Figs mashed into a paste can be applied directly to the scalp and hair to make it softer and trigger growth.

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How To Consume Figs

  • Soak 2-3 figs overnight
  • Eat these in the morning on an empty stomach
  • Drink the water in which they were soaked
  • Figs can also be enjoyed dry

Side Effects & Precautions

Although figs are natural and do not harm you in any way, excess consumption can have side effects including:

  • Bloating – As these are heavy on your stomach and can cause stomach pain.
  • Liver & Intestine Damage – The seeds in figs can be hard to digest. They can cause liver and intestine obstruction.
  • Calcium Deficiency – Oxalates present in figs can interfere with the body’s calcium absorption
  • Bleeding – Warm nature of the fruit can lead to rectal and vaginal bleeding
  • Blood Sugar Crash – Eating too many figs can lead to low blood pressure levels

10 Important Questions About Figs Answered

1. Are figs good for health?

Yes, figs are quite good for health as they can help in:

  • Regulating diabetes
  • Treating a variety of skin issues
  • Strengthening and moisturizing the hair

2. What are the health benefits of figs?

To know about the health benefits of figs, refer to the benefits listed above.

3. Are figs safe to eat?

Yes, figs are quite safe to eat. But, always keep an eye on the fig wasps before consuming the fruit.

4. Are figs good for weight loss?

Yes, figs are good for weight loss as they promote healthy digestive tract thus ensuring that all the toxic elements and wastes are removed from the body.

5. Are figs healthy for heart?

Yes, figs are good for heart heath as they contain phenols and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that ensure healthy heart and arteries.

6. Are figs high in sugar?

Yes, figs are high in sugar content.

7. How to differentiate good figs from the stale ones?

The best way to know if the figs are stale is by their fragrance. A stale or overripe fig will  exude a sour fermented smell. Moreover, a ripe fig will be slightly soft upon touch while a stale one can be easily squeezed.

8. How many figs should be consumed in a day?

2-3 figs can ideally be consumed in a day.

9. How do you eat figs?

Fresh figs can be eaten raw, while figs can also be dried and consumed.

10. Why are figs crunchy?

Figs contain seeds, which when eaten feel crunchy. Thus, the crunchy part of figs are essentially the seeds of the fruit and not leftover wasp pieces.

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