Top 6 Must-Visit Beaches in Singapore

One of the most therapeutic activities to engage in, while on vacation, is to just chill at a beach. Singapore, one of the most heavily visited tourist spots in Asia, is surrounded by the most extraordinary beaches that shouldn’t be missed. The crashing waves and the expense of blue is truly a sight to behold.

After you’ve seen the Merlion and Sentosa and experienced the hustle of those areas, you will definitely need a chill pill. Get this from the serene beaches. Book your resorts with deals from CashKaro and get the best prices. Here are the beaches to visit in Singapore.

Punggol Beach

A hidden beach, you won’t find this beach on most itineraries. But that’s what makes it a perfect place to get away from the busy city. You can walk along the water and enjoy a peaceful time with your loved one. Visit now, and use offers on your resort.

Palawan Beach

Bright blue with white sand, this beach is perfect for swimming or lounging. You’ll be able to find many beach bars and Cabanas where you can relax and take in the beauty of the coast. Use CashKaro’s coupons to book your accommodation.

Kusu Island

Another hidden gem of Singapore, this Island is majorly untouched by tourists. It is home to hundreds of turtles which you can see if you visit. The water is a deep opal blue which is bordered by lush greenery. Cabanas and pathways are available to relax in.

East Coast Park – A Themed Beach Park

If you’re a parent with young children, this is the perfect place for you. You can participate in many water activities in the park-like cable skiing and skating. Tons of eateries dot the area and you can definitely find something to do. Book your resort now using offers.

Pasir Ris Beach

The picnic beach – this beach is a perfect family spot. Enjoy some good food by the beach which is lined with mangrove trees here. It also has cycling tracks and playgrounds for restless children to get their energy out. Book your hotel now with deals from CashKaro.

Tanjong Beach

This beach is the ultimate place for epic beach parties which are organized every two weeks by the Tanjong Beach Club. It is one of Singapore’s most popular beaches and is located towards the south of Sentosa and is a walking distance from Palawan Beach. Its mesmerizing crescent-shaped beachline shimmers with white sand, tropical palm trees and warm water which is shallow.

The breathtaking beaches in Singapore are endless. Go to CashKaro and check out our coupons to get yourself the best hotel near the shore.

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