The Perfect Cafes In Delhi to Take Your Bae to

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In recent times, Cafes have become the most common haunts of teenagers and college-going students. Cafes are known for their super cosy ambience and the usually extravagant interior decor. Most cafes have a theme, be it an era, or a cuisine, and it’s decorated around the theme.

Cafes are also identifiable for the food that they serve. Mostly continental, there are also some that serve niche food you can’t find otherwise. You really don’t have to search far and wide for a cafe in the country’s capital. The city is littered with cafes. Here are some of the romantic date hotspots.

Music and Mountains Hillside Cafe

A cute spot that has the perfect menu, Music and Mountains has a refreshing ambience. The cuisine is mostly European and Italian which is apt with the theme. Take your beau there or order in with Swiggy offers from CashKaro.

Rose Cafe

This is a small, cosy cafe with a boho-esque vibe to it. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and if you remember the description of Madam Pudifoot’s tea shop, you’d visualise it like Rose Cafe. Italian food is the hit around here. Try it with Swiggy coupon codes.

Cafe Lota

A very different type of setting, this Cafe is mostly outdoors. Located within the crafts museum, this cafe is one of the only ones that offer regional Indian dishes. Your privacy here is assured as the seatings are like semi-alcoves. Use Swiggy coupons and Swiggy promo codes to order cheap.


A casual sort of restaurant that serves up some delicious coffee, Diggin is a pocket-friendly place to check off in your bucket list. It is perfect for a hangout, while you’re also kept full of coffee or any drink of your choice. Set up your date night here with Swiggy coupon codes and Swiggy promo codes.

CashKaro has a lot more Swiggy offers for you to use on your next date. Use these when you’re ordering and avail exciting offers for your food. Use the Swiggy coupons now and rejoice in extended savings.

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