The Perfect Vacation For The Whole Fam At Tropical Islands

The Perfect Vacation For The Whole Fam At Tropical Islands

Inside a Hangar (one that houses aircraft) is this cool biosphere reserve. Just a ways away from Berlin, this Resort is a must-visit for those with little children. With countless attractions to see and the destination itself being a cool place to visit Tropical Islands is the largest indoor water park.

Your perfect day at the park is made for you by the management itself. First, visit the tallest waterslide, hit Amazonia, the outdoor area and then wind it all up at the traditional Thai massage place. Here’s a shortlist of things you can do there.

Tropical Waters, AMAZONIA, Tropino Club For Kids, Shopping Boulevard, Private Parties – these are but a few things that you can do at Tropical Islands Resort. There is also the whitewater river – Germany’s longest white water canal, the Pororoca – the perfect surfing conditions all around the year and many other water sports besides that you can engage in.

The wellness and sauna area has completely different vibes. It is the place to go to once you finish having fun in their adventure park. Get the most relaxing massage or just sit at the sauna with your friends and have some downtime. You can also get cosmetic treatments like facials done here and give yourself the much deserved ‘me-time’.

Will all this be truly fun without some amazing food and drinks? Topical Islands serves to you, cuisines from different corners of the world. There the all-you-can-eat Asian buffet at Sawadee, fish and meat at Palm Beach Restaurant and Mondial Food Court where you can pick up international street foods. These are but a sample of what’s actually available.

The whole trip is concluded best with a night stay at the Resort. Besides just hotel room types of accommodation, you can also opt for camping in tents and teepees. Tropical Islands has got you covered for all your personal preferences and such. All you got to do now is book the holiday.

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