The cure for everything is salt water – sweat, tears or sea water – Isak Dinesan

The serenity offered by beaches is second to none. Even with the crowded and noisy beaches that most of us have access to, there is a sense of relaxation and calmness that spreads over us the minute we gaze into the expanse of the water. Now, imagine the same thing but it is quite all around you and you are existing in actual peace. That is what these beaches have to offer you. Book your flights now using MakeMyTrip coupon codes.

Rightly so, walking on the sand and dipping your feet few inches into the water can make you forget everything – the last breakup, an office fiasco, or any goddamn thing you wish didn’t happen and be the right step to making a fresh start. So take a break from your routine and pack your bags for a vacation to these exotic beaches. Pro tip: Book using MakeMyTrip offers from CashKaro for some extra savings.

#1 Gokarna

Known as the less-populated version of its cool cousin “Goa”, Gokarna is ideal for a lazy weekend when you want to just watch the waves coming towards you while your body takes on a tan.

How to reach: Trains from popular cities in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Buses from Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

Where to stay: Gokarna has hostels, hotels and cottages where you can stay like a local guy and enjoy the blissful atmosphere without any disturbances.

What to look out for: Sunrise at Om Beach, Sunset at Kudle Beach and a visit to the temples at Kotiteerthe Katte.


#2 Pondicherry

The secluded beach where you can actually seat yourself for hours on end is a magical paradise for those who want to enjoy the whole day sipping coconut water and roaming around the whole city by Scooty rides!

How to reach: Direct flights available, otherwise fly to Chennai and a 2-3 hours drive. It is well-connected by trains from all metropolises.

Where to stay: Cottages on the beach are easily available, otherwise you could check in to a hotel in the city.

What to look out for: Serene Rock beaches, French basilicas, French bistros and Auroville, the meditation center where total relaxation meets exuberant architecture.

#3 Kanyakumari

The ultimate beach destination of India where all the three seas meet – Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, which makes it an entirely revitalizing visual treat. Add to it the meditative visit to the Vivenkananda Rock Memorial. You’re surely going to experience whole body healing in the purest form when you’re here.

How to reach: Trains from Chennai and Bangalore are available, even from many other Indian metropolises.

What to look out for: Scenic sunset and sunrise views and spotting dolphins if you’re lucky.

#4 Alleppey (Allapuzha)

The best part of the beach is its picturesque shores and the view from the lighthouse especially during the sunset.

How to reach: Take a train from Bangalore or enjoy a cool drive from Bangalore to Allepey. Government buses between Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka are also available.

What to look out for: Residing inside a houseboat, enjoying lush green backwaters, enthralling beach activities like Canoeing and Kayaking.


#5 Kannur

Another secluded beach in Kerala for immense adventure sports activities on the beach, especially white water rafting. Make your way to the Muzhappilangad Beach and Payyambalam Beach and enjoy a platter of Fish curries and Stewed meat curries.

How to reach: Trains and buses from many southern Indian cities. Nearest airport – Kozhikode.

What to look out for: Paragliding, rafting, driving on the beach and dolphin spotting on Muzhappilangad Beach.


#6 Kovalam

A quaint city known for its port and beaches, Kovalam is a favourite for all newlyweds. It comes as no surprise because with green scenic backdrops and brilliant blue waters, Kovalam is the ultimate lap of nature to relax in.

How to reach: Flights and Trains from all Indian cities go up to Trivandrum, approximately 17-20 kilometers from Kovalam.

What to look out for: Ayurveda spas, Swimming in the shallow beaches and  houseboat rides across the backwaters.


#7  Tarkali

Discover the treasures of this absolutely unpopularized Konkan shore with fine white sands without any encroachment of eat-outs.

How to reach: Buses and Trains from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Goa. Trains go up to Kudal 45 kilometers away from Tarkali.

What to look out for: Minimalistic cottages, forest safaris, beach sports like Scuba diving and snorkeling, bird watching and living inside houseboats – all in one place!!

#8 Daman and Diu

Wander off to one of the cleanest salt-water escapades for a dose of the pristine view of the Arabian sea.

How to reach: Flights from all metropolises. Train from Vapi, Mumbai, Vadodara covering 200-300 kilometers.

What to look out for: Beach cafes, paragliding, snorkeling and old Portuguese architecture.


#9 Havelock (Andaman)

One of the islands of Andaman that’s not peopled enough is Havelock, 30 Kilometres from the main island regions and quite untouched in terms of civilization.

How to reach: Flights are the quickest ways, and if you have some time in your hands, unwind in a cruise.

What to look out for: A line of fun activities for life-changing experiences – skydiving, deep sea diving, snorkeling and scuba drives.

Image credits: Naina Redhu Photography

#10 Lakshadweep Islands

One of the best places for a beach honeymoon lies off the coast of Kerala in a spread of 36 islands mostly uninhabited. The most romantic beaches you can indulge in to calm your body and mind after hectic wedding rituals is this enchanting secluded destination.

How to reach: Cruising is the best option and if you want to save time, you can take a flight from Cochin, Bangalore or Mumbai.

What to look out for: Deep Sea diving, scuba diving and sail-boating are common favourites. If you’re the adventurous kind, you should keep an eye for coral reefs and intricate marine flora and fauna.

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