Wonderla (Bangalore): Prices, Timings, Best Rides & More

Wonder La Bangalore

Wonderla is known among India’s best amusement parks. It offers over 40 rides with the three worlds of land rides, adrenaline boosters, and water wonder. Find yourself having the time of your life. Just walk in and let out your inner child.


Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price – Entry Fees With Criteria

Age CriteriaNormal Season (Weekdays)Normal Season (Weekends)Peak Season 
Adult RegularRs 890Rs 1120Rs 1185
Child RegularRs 720Rs 905Rs 960
Senior Citizen (60-69 years)Rs 670Rs 840Rs 890
Senior Citizen (70 years & above)Rs 445Rs 560Rs 595
DefenceRs 710Rs 895Rs 950
Fastrack AdultRs 1335Rs 1680Rs 1780
Fastrack ChildRs 1080Rs 1360Rs 1440

Note –

  • 18% GST additional on all the above-mentioned prices.
  • Fastrack Tickets allows you to enjoy the rides with a shorter queue. Fastrack Tickets are sold in limited numbers only
  • Peak Season in Bangalore Park is 8th October- 21st October 2018, 22nd December 2018- 1st January 2019

Map of Wonderla (Bangalore)

Afraid you might miss a ride? Not with this map to help you check off every ride.

wonder la bang

Reach the park soon after it opens to beat the rush that sets in. What can we say? Everyone loves Wonderla.

Best Rides in Wonderla (Bangalore)

S.NoType Of RideRide Name
1Land RideAdventures of Chikku
2Land RideDungeon Ride
3Land RideSky Wheel
4Land RideCrazy Wagon
5Land RideWonder Splash
6Thrill RideRecoil
7Thrill RideEquinox 360
8Thrill RideFlash Tower
9Thrill RideHurricane
10Thrill RideMaverick
11Water RidesWavy & Vertical Fall
12Water RidesBoomerang
13Water RidesWater Pendulum
14Water RidesPlay Pools I & II
15Water RidesFun Racers

Wonderla offers a vast range of rides to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Dividing its rides between land rides, water rides and thrill rides, Wonderla makes sure everyone finds their favorite. Read on to know about each of these rides in detail.

Land Rides

Adventures of Chikku


Not Meant For: Meant for all

Rating: 4.5/5

Immerse yourself in the Wonderla magic by watching this 3D film equipped with XD MAX, a state of the art ride.

Go on an adventure from inside an air-conditioned theatre.  Experience of movie watching with physical and environmental effects. Experience splashes of water, gusts of wind and movie magic like never before. Put on your 3D glasses and enjoy the ride.

Dungeon Ride


Not Meant For: People afraid of the dark

Rating: 3/5

Walk into a world spook and fright. Visit the dungeon haunted by a notorious jail wardens ghost.

Sky Wheel


Not Meant For: Not applicable

Rating: 4/5

Sky Wheel is Wonderla’s adaptation of the giant wheel. The structure stands 13 stories high. Talk about a bird’s eye view.

Crazy Wagon


Not Meant For: People with a fear of heights or vertigo

Rating: 4/5

Wind Mill is a family ride. Themed like a horse wagon, the massive structure oscillates and swings in every possible direction. It reaches are high as 21mts and is the right ride to shake things up.

Wonder Splash


Not Meant For: People afraid of the dark

Rating: 5/5

If you’re visiting Wonderla, you must experience this ride. Find your log, settle in and let the journey begin. The ride takes you up hills, through tunnels and splashing through a shallow pool.

Beware, if you get on this ride you are going to get drenched. This ride makes for the perfect start to your water rides.

Other land rides: Pirate ship, crazy cars, musical fountain and laser show etc.

Thrill Rides



Not Meant For: People with heart problems and high blood pressure

Rating: 5/5

India’s introduction to reverse looping rollercoasters is Recoil. Reaching heights of 40 meters, the roller coaster as a two-track ramp.

Accelerating to 80 kmph in 1 second, you’re sent up the track encountering various loops. Once you reach the second track though, prepare for it all to happen again, only this time, backward!

Equinox 360


Not Meant For: People with heart problems and high blood pressure

Rating: 4.5/5

Looking for the ultimate thrill? The Equinox 360 will give you what you want. It is a must visit for an adrenaline junkie. The ride turns 360 degrees whilst also rotating axially and takes you for a real spin.

Flash Tower


Not Meant For: People with heart problems and high blood pressure

Rating: 4/5

Experience a bird’s eye view sitting 40 meters high. You’ll be looking at the entire park from a height, till you’re not. Drop down in a second at a crazy speed and let the adrenaline pump through your veins.



Not Meant For: People with blood pressure problems, heart patients, and pregnant women

Rating: 5/5

A ride that almost makes you want to stop but leave you wanting more. Reaching up to 20 meters in height, each of the blades spin, swirl and move up and down, give you’re the illusion of being caught in a whirlwind.



Not Meant For: Children below 12 years of age, heart patients and people with high blood pressure

Rating: 5/5

Maverick is a ride without any rules. It stands for turns, twists, and tilts. Challenge the laws of motion with this ride that makes you scream, only to want to do it again. Safety harnesses keep you safe from the Maverick’s unpredictable motions.

Other thrill rides: Mixer, wonderla bamba, and y-scream

Water Rides

Wavy & Vertical Fall


Not Meant For: People afraid of heights and those who don’t meet the height requirements

Rating: 4/5

Go down a vertical descent from six-stories high. Get on your mat and prepare to slide straight down to eventually come to an easy halt. With no twists to slow you down, you’ll be down in a flash.



Not Meant For: People afraid of the dark and those who don’t make the height requirement

Rating: 3.5/5

The Boomerang is a must visit when at Wonderla. Get on the float and travel through a tunnel until you make a sudden drop to the boomerang-shaped slide that really makes you move.

Water Pendulum


Not Meant For: No restrictions

Rating: 3.5/5

Relax in your float with this cool ride. Glide up and down a large U-shaped slide, imitating a pendulum. You’ll move on your own till you come to a gradual halt.

Play Pools I & II


Not Meant For: No restrictions

Rating: 4/5

Go to the beach without leaving the city. Relax by the waves pools as it imitates the waves of the ocean. The deep and shallow ends cater to people of all ages as the lifeguards keep a lookout.

Fun Racers


Not Meant For: People afraid of heights

Rating: 3.5/5

Race down the slides and see who wins. The levels in between make the ride smooth and suitable for all. So, lay on your mats and let gravity do its thing.

Other water rides: Harakiri, uphill racers, and twisters.

Food Options at Wonderla (Bangalore)

  • Park View Restaurant
  • Chillies Restaurant
  • Greens Restaurant
  • Waves Restaurant
  • Crazy Pizza
  • Courtyard Restaurant

How to Get There (Wonderla Bangalore)

By Car:

  • Wonderla is 28 kms from Bangalore, on Mysore road
  • Go towards Bangalore Mysore Expressway
  • Follow NH275
  • Turn right at Vijaya Bank

By Bus:

  • Take the BTMC bus to reach Wonderla
  • All routes lead to Wonderla

Facilities Available at Wonderla (Bangalore)

  • Lockers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Drinking Water
  • First Aid
  • ATM counter
  • Cloak Room
  • Parking
  • Smoking Areas
  • Wheelchairs
  • Prams
  • Baby Feeding Room
  • Prayer Room
  • Phone Facility
  • Dormitory
  • Lost and Found
  • EZ Pay

Wonderla Entry Timings (Bangalore)

Normal Season11:00 AM – 6:00 PM11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Peak Season11:00 AM – 7:00 PM11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Normal Season (Water Park)12:30 PM – 5:00 PM12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Peak Season (Water Park)12:00 PM – 6:00 PM12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Where to Buy Wonderla Tickets (Bangalore)?

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Wonderla Contact Details (Bangalore)

Wonderla Bangalore Park
28th km, Mysore Road, Bangalore 562109

Email: mail.blr@wonderla.com
Phone: +91 80 2201 0333

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