The Worst Fast Food Award Goes to Gulab Jamun Vada Pav

We are here ‘coz there’s something very very wrong with the society. After the shocking discoveries of the Gulab Jamun pizza and Gulam Jamun Sabzi, our all time favourite and Mumbai’s lifeline, Vada Pav is now being paired up with the Gulab Jamuns!

Is it even real?

Yes, it’s true and 100 percent real! With another addition to the list of blunders caused by the fusion of two delicacies, Gulab Jamun Vada Pav is facing a lot of criticism from everyone on Twitter as both sides have some strong “fillings” about it. The dish constitutes of Gulab Jamuns sandwiched between Pavs and was shared on Twitter with the caption “Open for a surprise” but to most, it came as a shock!

How are people reacting to it?

While some adventurous millenials want to give this combo a shot, others are just disheartened by the idea of it, asking the innovative one’s to not ruin Vada Pav for them.

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Misal Pav

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Chole Bhatur

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Masala Dosa

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Tell us how you feel about this weird combination and whether you wanna try it or not. Also, check out all the amazing dishes that you can get from Uber Eats without spending much (thanks to countless Uber Eats promo codes and Uber Eats coupons listed on CashKaro!)

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