Everyday life happens to you when the smoky eyes kajal which was supposed to look gracious turns you into a panda. Or when the nail polish takes a lifetime to dry. Being a woman is not as easy as it seems. She has to deal with helluva stuff to make things her way. A woman is expected to smell good, look cheerful, and behave in a fashion which is accepted by society.

A Romanian artist, Cassandra Calin, is a comic artist and graphic designer who is known for sketches that perfectly describe the everyday struggles of a woman. Here are some of the most popular illustrations which would make every woman say, this is me.

When you have to be extra-cautious with everything

Cassandra red lipstick

That’s why you click a thousand selfies?

Cassandra selfie

When you have trust issues

Cassandra makeup

Whaaaat? Who is she?

Cassandra magnifying mirror

When you’re short in a ruthless world

Cassandra short girl

No one can fathom the fear of being tagged in a photo

Cassandra photo tag

That moment when you realize hair bun is not for you

Cassandra hair bun



When you have silly expectations


Even the video tutorials didn’t help 

Cassandra kajal

Different shades of being a She

Cassandra periods illustration

A little hair can ruin a day


That awkward moment when you realise sleeping beauty is a myth

Cassandra sleeping beauty

When you bump into your crush on a no-make day


When work punches you in the gut

Cassandra mails illustrations

hail womanhood!

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