We all know about the study which says 6-8 hours of sleep is a must. If you’re not having quality sleep at night, then the aftermath could lead to concerns like lack of concentration, dark circles under the eyes, fatigue and more. Keeping that in mind, we are gonna tell you about 5 tricks which will help you sleep like a baby.

Avoid Naps During Daytime

Naps can be very helpful but it is advisable to skip naps during the daytime. If you really feel the need, then keep a tab on it. Nap early in the day as it will not hamper your sleep cycle. Make it a quick 15-20 minute power nap. If you’re an insomniac, then reconsider the thought.

Have Plants In Your Bedroom


The presence of plants will always lead to a refreshing start. For instance, English ivy and Snake plants are good air purifiers. A Lavender shrub will help lower the heart rate and ergo, a composed mind.

Limit Intake of Caffeine

You may be a coffee or tea addict but it is time to set priorities if you’re looking for quality sleep. Limit the intake of tea, coffee or soda during the daytime and especially avoid them 5-6 hours before your sleep.



Aromatherapy is a practice of using natural oils which are extracted from flowers and herbs which help stimulate the brain functions. For a start, try spraying jasmine or lavender oil on your pillow. Or you can try a combination of any two essential oils like sandalwood, roman chamomile, ylang-ylang and marjoram.

Sleep Naked


Sleeping naked has a lot of health benefits. It cools down body temperature and helps you feel cosy in the bed. It also helps your feet, private parts and armpits to breathe freely as they are covered with multiple layers during the day. If you have a partner to share bed with, then sleeping naked activates skin to skin contact which will further improve sex life.

Still counting sheep?

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