Admit it, though it’s been years running the profile on Facebook, you still don’t know about half the setting options and privacy details. We simply log in, update the status, hit Like button to some random funny posts, laugh about how unforgiving our lives are, and call it a day.

We all have had those days where we cannot decide how to block someone from viewing your certain posts or how to get rid of pesky notifications. Use these 8 hacks to improve your browsing experience.

Review Tagged Posts before they appear on Timeline

Facebook hacks

Unwanted tag posts are something we all want to get rid of because they are nothing but a desperate call to bring more engagement. Simply go to the Setting to the right corner or search with Choose the Timeline and Tagging tab and go to “Who can add things to my timeline?”. Further, enable the review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline. Bye-bye ugly pictures.

Remove someone from your Newsfeed without the need to unfriend them

facebook hacks review tags

You may have 1000s of friends on Facebook but you surely don’t want to know what’s happening in each of their worlds. That is what Following and Unfollowing is for. Click on the Following button on the XYZ’s profile which will further reveal a menu. Just click ‘unfollow’ to stop getting posts on your Newsfeed.

Log out of Facebook if you Accidently left Logged in other Devices

facebook hacks

Many a time, it happens you login into Facebook from a friend’s system or in any public device and forget to logout. The Security Settings tab tells you where you’re logged in and when you’re logged in. You can choose to End Activity from the device you are not sure is yours.

Baffle your friends with a Blank comment

facebook hack blank comment

This hack is to annoy people who tag you in a random post. It will surely leave anyone scratching his head. Press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and type “0173“. Release the Alt key and press enter. *evil laugh*

Block someone from viewing certain posts

facebook hack block someone from viewing post

It is not necessary that you have to share everything you upload with your family. You can custom upload your post without even sharing it with them. Click on Friends button below “What’s on your mind?” and choose more options. Here, you can custom select people you don’t want to share your post with.

Block that annoying friend from chatting with you on Messenger


Another useful hack towards a peaceful life. Now, you will not have to explain yourself to why you didn’t reply to the messages. Find Options at the bottom of your chat sidebar which looks like a wheel. Further, choose the Advanced Settings and turn off chat for only some friends. Simply type in the names and get rid of ‘I am forever alone please talk to me’ pings.

Enable verification code to keep yourself safe from being hacked

facebook hack login alerts

If you do not want to get into the mess of security settings, this feature alone will help you keep your account safe from hacking. If you enable Login Approvals, Facebook will send you a code to complete the login process every time you try to sign in to your account from a new device or system. Select Security on the left column under Settings and check the Login Approvals box and you are sorted.

Pick a few friends as Trusted Contacts in case your account gets locked/blocked

facebook hacks trusted accounts

If you are not able to access your account, facebook has a feature called “Trusted Contacts”. It lets you choose friends from your list who you trust to help you access the account. They will receive a special one-time code from Facebook through a URL which you can use to lift the block.

facebook hacks trusted accounts

Go to Settings – choose Security – click Your Trusted Contacts – select the contacts. Note: Do not make siblings or your new girlfriend the Trusted Contact.

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