The history of Bollywood has seen it all – divorces, adultery, heartbreaks and what follows is juicy gossip about messed up monogamy that entertains us for months to come. While some of these have been nasty breakups like Salman-Aishwarya or John-Bipasha which ended in complete personal and professional estrangement, some couples managed to bridge the gap and become friends over time. Here are a few celebs that have remained friends after breaking up:

Hrithik – Sussanne

With a 17 year long relationship and two adorable boys, their divorce news came as quite a shock. Although they had a fair share of trials initially, over time they became good friends and doting parents. They were recently seen vacationing together with their kids in Dubai.

Hrithik Sussanne

Malaika – Arbaaz

The divorce news of this couple was initially shrugged off as a rumor. However, things got serious when Malaika actually filed for divorce. Though separated, the couple attends counseling sessions that are mandatory by law prior to divorce. Amidst divorce proceedings, the ex-lovers remain pals and were seen celebrating New Year’s Eve 2017 together in Goa.

Malaika Arbaaz

Ranbir – Deepika

After giving us relationship goals for years (tattoo and everything), the couple split, breaking more than just two hearts. Although Deepika is now happily in love with Ranveer, her equation with Ranbir remains one of camaraderie. They gave us Tamasha post breakup wherein we could see the sizzling chemistry and have gone on camera to say wonderful things about each other on several occasions.

Ranbir Deepika

Salman – Every Ex Ever

Salman Khan, being the noble human he is, has had cordial relationships with most of his exes (5, barring Aishwarya Rai). Be it Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali or Katrina Kaif, he is all buddy-buddy with all of them. Each of them has said that he is a reliable man and they call him whenever they need help. Guess he’s a friend indeed.


Bipasha – Dino

After the bitter breakup with John, Bipasha Basu’s 90s relationship with Dino Morea was as good as forgotten. It was only when Bipasha promoted Dino’s fitness brand and Dino attended Bipasha’s wedding that we realized they aren’t just in each other’s lives but are also really supportive friends.


If not relationship goals, these couples have definitely given us friendship goals. We stand to learn from these celebs, who found the silver lining of friendship amidst their breakup storm.

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