These Cute Cafes Will Absolutely Win You Over

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Chennai, the town of dosa and filter coffees has another side to it. Though you’ll probably find mess’s on just about every street you head to, the city has come a long way. Home to cuisines from all around the world, Chennai is no more just idly central.

We have tons of cafes sprinkled across the city which has, of late, become the popular haunts of college students. The ‘Nayar Tea Kadai’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. With a continental spread, cafes today, really have a stronghold on the Chennaites. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ones across the city.

  1. Cafe CakeBee
  2. The Brew Room
  3. Azzuri Bay
  4. Pappa Roti
  5. Tea Villa Cafe

Cafe CakeBee

If you want the full English Breakfast, then this is the place to go. Complete with bacon and sausages, Cafe CakeBee has a spectacular menu and an even better ambience. Use Swiggy coupons to order in if you’re too lazy to go all the way to Alwarpet.

The Brew Room

Nestled in Mylapore in the Savera Hotel, The Brew Room has some of the best coffee and tea in the city. (Yes, it’s a big contender to the filter coffee). Get your cup now using Swiggy coupon codes. You should also definitely try their spread of pastries and desserts.

Azzuri Bay

Overlooking the skyline of the city, Azzuri Bay is a rooftop cafe in the bustling area of Adyar. Apart from their continental selection, they also have a pan Asian menu, which is atypical, but not unwelcome, for a cafe. Try their superb spread now with Swiggy promo codes.

Pappa Roti

Roti? At a Cafe? Yes, Pappa Roti’s signature dish is their puffed up buns which are served with various toppings that are all delicious. The soft bread will melt in your mouth. Order yours with Swiggy offers!

Tea Villa Cafe

Are you a chai person? Then this is the place for you. They have a magnificent collection of tea you can choose from. The flavours are endless and all so good. They also have amazing sandwiches that will be the perfect accompaniment to your tea. Get it now with Swiggy coupon codes.

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